Kwang Hee has had a good time with his brother-in-law.

KBS2 ‘Superman Returns’ (‘Shredol’), which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 13th, was decorated with subtitle ‘I hear your heart’.

Kojyong has transformed itself into a sloth to live slowly, even for a day, because his life was quickly trapped in the culture. However, as soon as I saw him, he threw a cry and said, “I hate my father.” He continued to intentionally slow down his behavior. I gave up in the middle and I acted as usual.

Afterwards, Gojyong said, “I am going to meet Korea’s Hulk.” Korea’s Hulk was a mixed martial arts player, Kim Dong-hyun. When Chu Sung – hoon visited the gym on the day, Kim Dong – hyun pointed at him and said, “I am an ancestor of the Hulk.”

Gwang-hee visited this good house. It was decided to take care of the children for a while to be busy with the training. Gwang-hee said that he became a fan watching military-to-TV-and-after-sex brothers and sisters.

Gwang-hee said that she has appeared in “Shredol” 3 or 4 times and said that she is confident that she can take good care of the children again. But after I said “I want you to ride my uncle elephant”, I feel like I have a hard time.

Afterwards, Kwanghee visited the dentist with the children. Gwang-hee called Park Joo-ho and said, “Please tell me if I have a job to do.” Park Joo-ho asked me to check the children’s dental exam. Gwanghee once again asserted, “I have my own secret, I will show you once, not to fear the dentist.”

Especially, he was very tense with a lot of nervousness, but thanks to Gwang – hee, he was able to get treatment seriously. After that, three went to the jjimjilbang to solve the fatigue. Bringing eggs and sikhye in the jjimjilbang When I was on the errand, Naeun poured sikhye on the floor and did not panic. She called out Kwanghee and explains the situation. She apologized that she did it, .

Sam and his brother, Wilbanks, were drawn to go fishing. However, the fish did not get caught, and Bentley, who had been watching earthworms more than fishing, almost had eaten earthworms. Sam, who had been out for a while, did not catch the fish, and at last he grabbed an enormous size of sea eel and maintained his face.

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