‘Workshop’ Nam Tae-hyun and Jang Jae-in’s first date attracted attention.

On the 12th TVN ‘Workshop’, Nam Tae Hyun and Jang Jae In were drawn on their first date.

On this day, Jang Jae-in expressed a favorable opinion toward Nam Tae-hyun, saying, “The better you know, the better you know Tae-hyun Lee.” Nam Tae-hyun also laughed, saying, “I like to wear it well.

Nam Tae-hyun asked, “Why did you do something bad?” Jang Jae-in said, “I was tired too much and my heart was a bit dangerous. I think it was worse than the slump.” I said, “I think it will be fun now. The two then went to Nam Tae-hyun’s house. The two returned to their quarters after a relaxing time together.

Park Won and Cha Hee’s first date was enjoyed.

On that day, Park and Woo talked with each other while drinking coffee. At that time, Park said, “Is there anything you want to do?” So Chi suggested a drive and the two went to the Han River.

At that time, Big One asked, “What do you think?” She was embarrassed, but she said, “To be honest, I could stay with my brother and I would like to have a good time with all of the situations open.”

“I think I met a good person when I left the filming, but I think that much when I look at you.” “I will meet you even after the filming is over. He said, “It is fun. It is a waste of time to meet someone who has a good mind like you in reality.” “I do not know when this person will appear again.” “I am, too, sincerely,” he said.

Gosongmin went to the scene of the video filming of the big one and came into the hotel. Nam Tae-hyun asked, “Sung-min is saying that he is going all-in with his big brother?”, And he looked at the high-seong without saying anything. “I have no choice but to return to my brother Big.”

The next evening, Big One said to Gosongmin, “Do you like me? Do you want to hang out with me?” And Gosongmin replied, “It seems not bad for now.” Big Won said, “I am a type that takes a little time, and when I feel like I can really make you happy, I express that I like it.” “I like what you like? “It’s a style that goes straight ahead,” he said.

Bigwon enjoyed a party of his own for his birthday. While she was sleeping in the car for a while, she took a cake and prepared a surprise party. She said, “Thank you,” and Bigwon was ashamed of saying, “I do not know why. I wanted to do it.”

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