Sometimes an actor goes beyond ‘character’. For example, it makes a dull and unattractive role stand out, or it gives persuasive power to an unlikely role. Only the actor’s charm and acting power save the character (the artist’s built-in character). Watching the JTBC drama “The Wind is Blowing”, I was thinking that I was seeing a gaesung castle struggling lonely in it. ‘Yes, Gam Woo-seong is also a sham.’ 

“I’ll just ask you, do not pretend to know you if you happen to happen to me, do not even know that you’re curious about each other, I’ll forget everything you said and start my life again. Do not. “

My husband, wife and daughter are left alone …

Dhoon (Gam Woo Sung) and Sujin (Kim Hae-jin) divorced and started to stand alone. I hid Sujin from the fact that he was suffering from Alzheimer’s, and I chose to live quietly. He was losing memories little by little. The condition gradually worsened. On the other hand, Sujine became pregnant after divorce. I was dressed up as a queen and I got pregnant on the day I went to dohoon and hotel. After the trouble, I went to Dhun, but Dhun’s answer was cold. “What do I know from whom and where?” 

Five years have passed since then, and Sujin has raised a child alone. The business was also successful. There was Moon Kyung-hoon (Kim Young-jae) who was a college senior by his side. Dhun was living in the country with the help of a carer. He lost a lot of memories, and without the help of someone, everyday life was impossible. Nevertheless, Sujin and his daughter Aramman did not forget. I missed them, but I never got to meet myself. 

“I thought it would be better to die to avoid crossing the line, because Sujin is aware of me when I cross the line.”

Dhun, whose condition had worsened, went to Aram’s kindergarten entrance ceremony without even knowing it himself. I have crossed the line so alert. However, Daehoon did not recognize Sujin and Aram. I met two people in front of the kindergarten across the crosswalk, but I just passed by. Sujin felt that he was hiding behind the child, but he did not know Himself because of the dohun ‘s actions. Later I went to kindergarten, but Dhun (moved on a patrol car) was not there. 

Dhoun and Aram meet later. Dhoon stopped at a chocolate studio after fishing with friend Hangun (Lee Jun-hyuk). In the meantime, Dhoun was making chocolates for Aram. On the other hand, Susan stopped at a nearby cafe to camp with Kyung Hoon and Aram. Aram moved to the shelf alone and was looking at the chocolate, and he saw the figure and approached Aram and talked. “Arram, how are you?” It was a warm voice filled with longing and affection. The audience’s mind was soaked in a friendly meeting.

It started to develop in earnest.

JTBC <The Wind is Blowing> seemed to have changed quite a bit since the 5th. “I love you still, but the relationship between Dhun and Sujin is overwhelming, and the new turning point comes from the 5th meeting.” It was clear that the early trappings disappeared and the full-scale development started. Gam Woo Sung and Kim Hae – young ‘s delicate acting also shone more. In particular, Gam Woo Sung attracted deep emotions as a nickname for a melodramatic craftsman. I was able to feel the power of the emotional power that was immersed in the character in eyes, face, and tone. 
So is it. It is the reaction that the ‘irrigation’ of the early stage of the drama is more unfortunate. Actually, the nose of the nose turned a lot of viewers. It was clear that the ratings, which rose to 4.0% 2 times, fell to 3.0% three times (based on Nielsen Korea paid furniture platform). The crew explained that “it is the scene of Susan’s desperate heart that she wanted to know even if she was the other woman”, but it was not realistic to believe that her husband could be deceived by her (possibly) level of nose. 

Although the ‘ko nose’ seems to be poisonous, the problem of ‘the wind’ is a lack of probability of the whole play. The reason why the nose of the nose was laid down (from the artist ‘s point of view) was that the nose had to catch up quickly. So, you can deceive Soo-jin in reverse. To be more precise, it can lead to the greater tragic sorrow that the artist had thought. (Even so, it would have been nice if I had done a more detailed and complete disguise.) In other words, “The wind is blowing” is a drama that preceded “purpose”.

No matter how an actor touches viewers by acting beyond the characters, the role of the artist is to create a solid character. Then what the artist does is just follow the character. But when the artist tries to move the character at will, the story begins to twist. The same goes for <The wind is blowing>. Hwang Ju – Ha ‘s writer focused on making the worst situations for the tilted melody which will start from the 5th. I am preoccupied with the preliminary work to draw the impression that I want to implement. 

However, the events were arranged in front of the characters. Why did she have to hide from Sujin that she had Alzheimer’s? If he believed it was love, his love is shallow. His thoughts are short if he believes he can hide for life. If you were to say that you would not find yourself in the future if you were to hurt someone with cruel words, Nevertheless, it is too irresponsible to have left the possibility of having a child with a relationship with Susan without contraception. Actually, the child was born. Only by the artist’s needs. Dhoon’s life lasted one month. Who is this tragedy for?

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