On this day, my mother, Lee Soo-jin, “For a while, Aram asked me well. My granddaughter Aram wanted me to make him a father.

However, Lee Su – jin took care of. I packed the medicine on time and gave me my handmade socks. He also kept his side with his sincerest kindness.

While her mother was away from her room for a while, she made a video call. Kwon did not listen to the phone, but received a video call by mistake. Lee Soo-jin asked, “Woori-keun, is not your ward?” Aram, who was beside him, said, “He is the butterfly, and he said he was your father?”

Lee suddenly hang up the phone, and asked her daughter to come home. Lee Soo-jin asked, “Is the man who met you?” It is the right of the war, and why did not you tell me why? “” I thought well.

After that, my mother, who got to see the medical text from the hospital, eventually went to the hospital with her secret. Kwon did not recognize him at all.

Lee Soo-jin said, “Why are you here? Why is it like this? I do not know. So, Kwon Dohoon said “Hello, I am Kwon Dohoon.”

Lee Soo-jin, “this guy, why you are so,” said Kwon Doo-hoon.

Afterwards, her mother, who confronted her daughter, Soo-jin, hit her face cheekily. “You are bad now, are you crazy?” I shouted, “Did you just say that you were blinded by crumbling clouds and you were blind?”

“I do not know how to do this to you,” said to Lee Su-jin, who said, “Mom, stop it, it hurts your hand.” Do you want to end your life with your demented husband? I can not even say that I can break the kite.

As Lee Soo-jin’s mother learns of Kwon Do-hoon’s illness, her attention is focused on how the future development will flow. ‘The wind is blowing’ is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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