Since their debut in early 2013, they have not had much of an advantage, so the sluggish motto that led the group gradually broke the barriers and stepped its own way into the boards. American music ratings. Now that the five years have passed, the group has been steadily strengthening its position in the Western music industry with millions of loyal fans from all over the world. However, there is still a question that many people are waiting for the most accurate answer, “Is Western music going to take BTS?”

BTS will first enter the US music charts in 2015 with the mini album “The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Part 2” and also the first album to put the group into the Billboard 200 with only higher ratings. More and more, and now the group has become the first Korean artists to top the charts with the highest ratings and broke the record with “Love Yourself: Tear” The only Asian man to do this ever. While these amazing accomplishments are still being created and constantly breaking the barriers for the group itself and for a better future of all Asian artists, So the group is not fully recognized in the music that they are ever integrating.

Award programs
The band first appeared on American television in November last year at the American Music Awards 2017 with their single “DNA” and it seems to have become a familiar not only for BTS, As representatives from Asia, when they arrive in the West, they do not focus on the artist. This performance was directed by the camera from the boys to the audience and the fans are enjoying the American debut stage of the group, but focusing on the fans is not worthy of a performance. With such hard dance. Similarly, at the Billboard Music Awards 2018, where “Fake Love” ‘s world premiere was unveiled, this happened again, when fans felt The efforts of the boys are still not enough with the thousands of spectators watching their performance at home, because the camera focuses on the fans below than the people on stage, BTS. This is probably also an indication that the awards show is still watching BTS as a phenomenon, not real artists because there will not be any performances that attract. An audience like that awards ceremony.

Radio Play (plays music at radio stations)
By becoming the # 1 Korean group to reach the highest ranking and reaching the Billboard Hot 100 and even landing on the Top 10 with “Fake Love”, we have the right to expect that BTS’s music will Frequently be played at various radio stations. But this radio broadcast is not as easy as most of the airplay of the group so far, so the fans have made many projects to send requests to those radio stations to promote their singles.

To the UK music market, this method is still being implemented. After becoming the first and only Korean group to set foot in the Top 40 in the UK with their latest single “IDOL”. This shows that radio play plays a very important part in the long run of the group still can not become strong regardless of the achievements that the team achieved great. However, songs that are ranked lower or not even in the top 40 receive more play than BTS. A recent tweet shows us that even on MTV’s Official Chart, they still refuse to sing “IDOL” because “this song does not have an MV” just seconds after they Discussing the topic of “MV IDOL of BTS broke the record for views in the first 24 hours of Taylor Swift earlier.” The incident may lead to the conclusion that these stations are probably not ready yet. Bringing out the songs of foreign artists to the audience and completely ignoring how good the songs are.

Now that you’ve come to the realization that the main idea of this article is pointing out negative things towards BTS in Western music, we still need to look at the positive side. The group is becoming the annual artist on the red carpet of the Billboard Music Awards, selling tickets at a concert in America – a dream that other artists have always wanted, and this is also the European tour. The first group to achieve this achievement. The album sales of the group are on par with the top American artists at the moment and have not shown signs of going down. Although the people they want to accept or reject, the boys are still walking the path of becoming the most prominent figures in the music world, even if they do not produce music in the common language. of the whole world, the fans will always feel a sincere connection through the lyrics as well as the boys themselves.

To answer this question, the question “Does western music have BTS?” At this point, it seems that the public is still watching the group as an emerging phenomenon but can Hopefully, in the industry that BTS is gradually marking its status, people will see the group as real artists rather than the fleeting name they hear somewhere.

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