Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is an upcoming 2019 Canadian American horror film directed by André Øvredal, based on the children’s book series of the same name by Alvin Schwartz. The screenplay was adapted by Dan and Kevin Hageman, from a screen story by producer Guillermo del Toro, Patrick Melton, and Marcus Dunstan. The film, an international co-production between the United States and Canada, stars Zoe Colletti, Michael Garza, Austin Abrams, Gabriel Rush, Austin Zajur, Natalie Ganzhorn, and Dean Norris.

In 2013, CBS Films acquired the rights to the Alvin Schwartz’s children’s book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, with the intent of producing it as a potential feature film.

By January 2016, it was announced that del Toro would develop the project for CBS Films with potentially attached to direct, while he would also produce the film along with Daniel, Brown, and Grave. Øvredal was hired to direct the film. Principal photography commenced on August 27, 2018, and ended on November 1, 2018, in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada.

The film is set to be released on August 9, 2019, by Lionsgate and CBS Films.

In 1968, in the town of Mill Valley, a group of young teenagers come across an abandoned house where they stumble upon a frail book that was once owned by Sarah Bellows, the daughter of a wealthy family that mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

The book contains twisted scary stories that depict gruesome monster terrorizing the victims who fear them. Now, the teenagers find their lives on the line as the monsters come to life and begin to hunt them down one by one.

Zoe Colletti as Stella Nicholls
Michael Garza as Ramón Morales
Austin Abrams as Tommy Milner
Gabriel Rush as Auggie Hilderbrandt

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