Kaneyi Masayuki (Park Byung-eun) kidnapped a police officer or flood (Yoo Seung-mok) who said he was a “stupid killer, a lunatic.” It was Jeon Chang-soo (Taehangho-min) who was a police officer of the Korean-Japanese Kyoko in Japan who Masayuki Kaneki kidnapped the flood. The floods were reported in cell phone holdings, tied in hand and foot, in a cargo hold, and reported to the company.

Dougang Wu (Lee Jin-wook) was aware of the identity of the under-commanded Jeon Chang-su, who was witnessed by the Mayor during the track of Masayuki Kaneki, and informed the police. Jeon Chang-su, after the check-in began, noticed the chase and took the cell phone of the flood and assaulted him. The floods were also called ‘Pungcheon Amusement Park’ in the back of the car, which was also parked in the black box.

Kang Kwon-kwon chased the flood and found the black box video of the car, and heard a subtle sound that the floods called “Pungcheon Amusement Park”. Police were dispatched to the Pungcheon Amusement Park, and the Donggwang was one step faster. Doug Wu had a physical struggle with Jeon Chang-soo, and he sought a flood. But the fallen Jeon Chang-su suddenly stood up and attacked me, and the floods saved the Dongguan, and instead he was stabbed by Jeon Chang-soo’s sword.

Jeon Chang-soo ran away, and the flood of me told the Dong River, “Keep a promise to me. Kanecki only to cure your hair, “said the last testimony, then breathed. Dougang Wu was angry and chased Jeon Chang-su. Police arrived late and were horrified when they saw the dead flood. The floods were cut off from the wrists, and the tyrant felt the tinnitus on his wrist and collapsed.

At the hospital, Kangwon – shik said that he had been suffering from a sleeping reaction, enduring the extreme fatigue of his body and ears. So, when the consciousness of the compulsory power loses the consciousness of Park Yong – su (Son Eucheon), Jin Seo – yul (Kim Woo – suk) tried to go to the flood funeral together with the sickness and the tyrant. But in the meantime, the decision to dismantle the Golden Time team in the central government, Park Eun Soo and Jin Seo Ryu both sold their minds.

When Park Eunsoo and Jin Seo Yul make phone calls, Masayuki Kaneki enters into the compulsive ward room and says, “Our center blind is very pretty. I was pretty ears like a blind man, “he said, meaningfully pulling out the wire and raising the tension. I was angry at the flood death and got angry at Masayuki Kaneki.

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