In MBC Everlon ‘Video Star’ broadcast on the 28th, Songgwa Jung Mi-ae Hong Jung Da-Kyung Kim Na-hee appeared to emit a pie. 

The biggest beneficiary of ‘Miss Trout’ is the winner Song Song. “If you have had two or three schedules a month ago, now you can sleep for three or four hours a day,” Songgain said. The schedule is infinite. I get up at dawn and spend almost 24 hours. ” 

Jung said, “I can not see the faces of the kids. Secondly, I am four years old and I have lots of hands. I am sick because I can not take good care of it. ” I gave up my rest and I’m adjusting to my busy schedule. ” 

As well as proving its popularity, it also received an offensive on the street. Songgain said, “After the broadcast, my aunts gave gifts from shoes to clothes lighting. I even received mountain octopus. ” 

Songgain responded with a fan service saying, “Because you like the way you sing, I sing a song at a time. So you like it very much. ” 

Kim Na-hee, who transformed into a trot singer from Gag Woman, said, “I felt like Miss Trot 3 months more than 6 years I spent as a gag woman.” 

“Before that, there was no fixed schedule other than public comedy. “I was once or twice a month,” he said. “Now I’m used to scheduling in a manager’s car.” 

Kim said, “I like the usual rice. I often eat street food, but in the past, if my young friends had recognized me, now people who are older will recognize me. ” 

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