“Lovers in a weekday afternoon Ceci ‘Park Ha-sun Lee Sang-yeob unveiled the main poster of Ji – won Jo Dong-hyuk.

Channel A, which will first be broadcasted on July 5, is a growing drama of adults who suffer severe measles due to taboo love. It has been waiting for a long time, and it is anticipating the melodramatic melody that it paints with a deadly love in the house theater.

‘Oh Se-yeon’ is the story of four men and women whose life is shaken by love suddenly coming one day. By Park Hae-sun (Sohn Ji-eun), Lee Sang-yeop (Yun Jeong-woo), Ye Ji-won (Choi Su-a) and Cho Dong-hyuk (Doha Yun). The character poster of the protagonist who was released before took off the mind of preliminary viewers by radiating the charm of four colors of four.

Among these, ‘Oh Se-yeon’ main poster, which was unveiled on 17th, was filled with the intense love of Park Hae-seon, Lee Sang-yeop, Yajiwon and Jo Dong-hyuk. The two couples have different skinships. First of all, Park Hae-seon and Lee Sang-yeop on the left side of the poster are facing each other in white-toned costumes. The distance of two people is close enough to reach the nose at the same time. The eyes and facial expressions that seem to focus on each other are also tremble enough to shake the heart.

Jo Hyun-hyuk, a fascinating illustrator, also robs his gaze. Two men and women dressed in black tones. Yoojidwon is entrusted to the body in the arms of Cho Donghyuk. Jo Dong-hyuk is looking at another place with his sad eyes and holding a dragon. Two people who are close to each other without a gap, somehow sad and empty, the expression of two people and their eyes stimulate their curiosity. Here, the phrase “Have I ever had you once?” Provokes a provocative imagination, leaves behind a faint sensibility, and expects a love in “Oh Se-yeon.”

‘Oh Se-yeon’ will be broadcast on July 5th at 11 pm.

Four-color four-color character posters were released on weekday afternoon.

Channel A gilt drama ‘The lover of the 3 o’clock in the afternoon of the weekday’ (the screening / directing Kim Jung Min / production fan entertainment / hereinafter ‘oseheon’) is a growth drama of adults suffering severe measles due to taboo love, I had a remake of ‘Meiji, 3 pm lovers’ on weekdays.

‘Oh Se-yeon’ draws a love without exit, focusing on four men and women, including Park Hae-sun (Son Ji-eun), Lee Sang-yeop (Yun Jung Woo), Yi Ji-won (Choi Su-a) and Jo Dong-hyuk (Doha Yun). The ‘Oh Se-yeon’ 4th teaser, which was previously released, attracted the attention of me as a sensual and provocative visual impression of the love of four men and women. On the 17th, ‘Oseheon’ side released four character posters starring pure, soulful, sensual and sexy. It is more intense and bolder than any of the content that has been released so far and can not keep an eye on it.

First, Park Hae-sun, who goes through pure water and provocation, draws attention. In the poster, Park Hae-sung unrolled the white shoulder by revealing the thin shoulder line. Her big eyes, looking at the camera, are deep and pure, giving a more provocative feel. Here, copy “The moment I caught my hand, I saw the real me”, makes me wonder what will happen to Son Ji –

Lee Sang-yeop, who foresaw the melancholy main character, also stands out. Lee ‘s deep eye is fascinating enough to disarm his opponent just by looking at it. The look that I want to touch here is a subtlety that raises the motherhood and snatches the hearts of preliminary female viewers. “I begged God. I will make you my punishment for your part. “The copy makes you want to cheer for Yun Jung-woo’s jealous and dangerous love.

Yoo Ji-won, who is concentrated on sensuousness and sensuality, also robs his gaze. With a breathtaking slip suit, Yoo Ji-won, who boldly exposes his shoulders and back-line, is puzzled by his pose and eyes. As the most bold character in love in the drama, the copy in the poster also says, “I meet a man from 3 pm to 5 pm on weekdays. Two hours is enough “. I am looking forward to the transformation of Yi Ji-won.

Finally, there is Jo Dong-hyuk who emanated the fatal sexism of an adult man. In the poster, Jo Dong-hyuk boldly exposed the upper body of the strong muscles. Disturbed hair, lingering eyes and facial expressions stimulate the womanhood with another charm. “I want to be nothing but you at the same time,” says copy, which stimulates curiosity by suggesting the deadly love of Jo Dong-hyuk,

The four poster characters ‘Osejeon’ completed the intensity through the image of Redton as a whole. It brought different points and attractiveness of pure and sour, sensual and sexy. This allows prospective viewers to anticipate fascinating love drawn by the four heroes of different charms in the intense drama ‘Oh Se-yeon’.

On the other hand, the only romantic romance ‘Oh Se-yeon’ will be released at 11 pm on Friday, July 5,

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