Three pairs of couples with different crises appear on ‘Lovers of the City at Weekends’.

Channel A ‘on the 5th of July will be broadcast on the weekday afternoon, and the lover of Seishi (hereinafter’ Oseheon ‘) announced that it will paint an avant-garde theater in the summer night with a provocative story, sensual visual,

There are three pairs of couples who are in crisis for different reasons. Who is envied, who is the object of curiosity, and what are they doing and why did they fall into different fatal love?

◆ Park Hae-hoon, a 5-year-old married couple who is married for five years in a row,

Son Ji-sun (Park Hae-sun) and Jin Chang-kook (Jeong Hoon Hoon) are married for the fifth year in a marriage. Jang Chang-kuk is working as a manager of the Social Welfare Department of the new city office and Son Ji-eun is working part-time at the Mart. It is regrettable that there is no child, but seemingly both seem to be a very ordinary and stable couple.

But when you look inside, the story changes. For some reason, even though he has no children, Jingchang Sang calls his wife ‘Mom’. There is no excitement or enthusiasm between the two. It is a comfortable couple who are extremely comfortable but do not even have a small tremor.

◆ Yoo Ji-won X Choi Byung-mo, a brilliant couple living the envy of all 17 years of marriage

Choi Soo-ah (Ye Ji-won) and Lee Young-jae (Choi Byung-mo) are married 17 years. Her husband, a leading publisher of bestselling books, and the enchanting wife of a ballerina, and two more loving daughters than flowers. The brilliant couple spend their daily lives in a perfect house, just like a model house, that does not allow for a single spot.

It is a couple who live in envy of everyone so much that they want to have such a perfect home. But their lives are also very different from what they expected. The seemingly perfect perfection is just a show window. The couple do not believe each other and live with their own secrets thoroughly.

◆ Lee Sang-yup – Ryu Abel, a married stranger in the fifth year of marriage

Yoon Jung-woo (Lee Sang-yeop) and Min-Young Min (Ryu Abel) are married for the fifth year in marriage. The two men, who met during their study in the United States, spent three years as a couple after their marriage. Yoon Jung-woo was an alternative school biology teacher in Korea and Nomin Yong earned his doctorate in the United States.

So Min-young, who got his doctorate in three years, returned to Korea. It is a young and charming couple with mystery, but is the time that it was apart too long? The two of them seem to be somewhat distant from the distance. Something awkward and strange if we are together.

Married for the fifth year of marriage, married for 17 years, married for five years, married for five years. All of them seemingly seem happy, but inside they are embracing different problems.

These problems make their hearts empty, and one day a wave of love arises. The story of a man and a woman who have been swept away by the wave of love is a melodramatic melody ‘Oh Se-yeon’.

‘Oh Se-yeon’ will be broadcasted on Channel A at 11 pm on Friday, July 5th.

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