On the 25th MBN entertainment program, ‘Can we love again?

On this day, Kim Gyeong-ran enjoyed a date at the campus music room with a saxophone presented by Mr. Noh Jeong-jin. The two who sat together at the grand piano sang ‘Over the Rainbow’, creating a romantic atmosphere.

“I don’t know how long it was for the two of us to share the piano,” said Kim Gyeong-ran. “For me, music is like a friend of life. Good things seem to swell in happiness. Now I think it would be good to do the music myself, ”he said romantically.

The two who were preparing to play the saxophone attracted attention as they wore white knitted clothes. Eun-hye Park, who saw it, exclaimed, “Is it a couple look?”

Noh Jeong-jin attracted attention by continuing his exhilarating skinship, including correcting the finger of Kim Kyung-ran, the first saxophone. Shin Dong-yeop, who looked at it, said, “It was music with a lot of skinship.”

Yoo Hye-jeong, who watched the two, said, “I saw Season 1, but Kim Kyung-ran seems to have a charming appearance when he is with No Jung-jin.” Shin Dong-yeop also said, “It was a loaf of aegyo.”

After the saxophone date, the two of them headed for the campus playground and sat side by side on the stairs and had a conversation. Noh Jeong-jin shared her inner heart. When Kim Gyeong-ran asked, “Isn’t she surprised when I heard (the story of my divorce)? We met because we had no choice but to meet. “It’s like a manant-to-be, as if it had been fixed.”

Yoo Hye-jung fell in love with her family while watching her family album. In particular, Yu Hye-jeong, Gyu-won said, “My grandmother was a mother to me. Dad’s role was my mother, and I was very grateful. ”

Yoo Hye-jung, looking at her daughter Kyuwon’s kindergarten picture, recalled a time when her daughter had to take an MRI as a sign of a concussion when her head was injured. Yoo Hye-jeong said, “I was filming at the time, but a phone call came, but my daughter told me that I had to sleep, but I wasn’t listening. I went in surprise and hugged my daughter, but the boy fell asleep right away. I didn’t take it well, but even if I didn’t do anything, I thought that my mother was a mother. ” Gyuwon, who saw it, encouraged Yoo Hye-jeong, “But it’s our best friend now.”

Looking at the family album, the whole family visited a photo studio to take family photos. Kyuwon led the way to the studio, but Yoo Hye-jung had a thoughtful expression. Yoo Hye-jeong said, “I was anxious that my mother might be trying to take a picture of Young-jung when she went to the photo studio.”

Upon arriving at the photo studio, Yoo Hye-jung took over the mother’s flower arrangements. Yoo Hye-jung, who used to make her mother’s makeup, said, “My mom looked young, so she felt like she was going to live with me forever.”

After taking the picture, Yoo Hye-jung’s mother said, “My heart is unhappy,” and Yoo Hye-jung’s daughter, Kyuwon, said, “I have never taken a picture together, but it feels like something is being done.”

Yoo Hye-jung, who said she didn’t want to take the most, expressed her heart’s heart and attracted attention. In particular, Yoo Hye-jung’s mother made her upset by saying, “If you are not me, what will you do later?”

Park Eun-hye, who had two twin sons, had a busy day shooting drama late at night. “When children entered elementary school, they said they could n’t drama. So I rested for a year. ”But even if the kids went up to the second grade, there was a lot of work to do, so they should rest. But then I thought I’d take a rest for a lifetime, so I started shooting. ”

After practicing the script, Park Eun-hye chatted with an actor, a couple in the play. Recalling his first meeting with Park Eun-hye, he said, “When I read the script, I thought it was very strong. “I came late, but I said I was sorry,” he said, and he looked at all the name tags. I thought I might have played the role of my wife. ”

In response, Park Eun-hye said, “I never had a day as deadly as the day of the main story. I also read the script in small chunks, ”Kim Dae-gon said,“ Isn’t that gi dead? ”And laughed.

Park Eun-hye, who was chatting with fellow actors, worked for 13 hours with constant waiting and acting. Park Eun-hye, who arrived home with a hard body, entered the children’s room and kissed her forehead.

After kissing, Park Eun-hye finished cooking homework and studied cooking without sleeping.

Park Eun-hye, who was an Ok-jubu cookbook, called the comedian Jung Jong-cheol. Park Eun-hye said, “I’m looking at a recipe for cooking eggs, but I tried to do it with quail eggs, but your recipe didn’t have to boil.” Park Eun-hye, who asked Jeong Jong-cheol for cooking, started cooking at 11pm.

Park Eun-hye, who sliced ​​onions for stewed eggs, smirked her onions with her eyes closed. Lastly, Eun-hye Park, who completed the jangjangrim with egg yujacheong and caught the fishy smell, was amazed by the taste. Park Eun-hye, who had a bowl of rice in Jangjorim, fell asleep watching a movie and eating beer.

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