On the 23rd, JTBC entertainment program ‘Love of 7.7 billion’ was featured by Tyler, Alberto, and Sam Ochri, who were members of the ‘Normal Summit’, and the panel reported the situation of each country responding to Corona 19.

Ancode from England said, “Until a week ago, I wasn’t insignificant because I was used to terrorism. I sometimes avoided wearing masks, but as the situation got worse, London mask prices surged eight times.”

Mizuki from Japan said, “In Japan, rumors were spread that the raw material of the mask is the same as the raw material of the mask. There was a case where the tissue was put on the tissue to prevent theft.”

“Corona 19 is arousing the fear of the citizens. All meat, pasta and wine are sold out. Some grandfather said in an interview,” It wasn’t that much during World War II. ” “It is a national crisis.”

Regarding the question of Corona 19’s origin, Tyler objected, “Why is it important? I need to know the origin of the origin, not the origin. I have to question the origin of the obsession with the origin.”

Tyler added, “The country stigmatized by the origin is only economically difficult, but the origin is irrelevant to the disease. Everyone wants to avoid the stigma of the origin.” Alberto said, “I agreed.

They also shared opinions about Asian hate caused by Corona 19. “When the Ebola virus pandemic, there was also a Korean restaurant that banned Africans,” said Sam Ozziri.

In response, Alberto said, “Whenever there is a serious epidemic, racial discrimination becomes a problem. In Italy, there were incidents of Chinese Italian assault. Another Italian Italian went on a protest. Hugs, “he said.

“In England there was a case of assaulting an Asian who was walking on the streets of London. All the assailants escaped before the police came. The victim was a Singaporean, not a Chinese,” he added.

“It shouldn’t be more of an individual to ask for responsibility,” said Tyler. “The media’s reporting behavior is a problem. People’s thoughts will change depending on what they use,” he said. “It was the media’s mistake to put in a picture of an Asian with a mask and easily use a picture of Chinatown.” .

On this day, the panels also discussed male parental leave in Korea. Mizuki from Japan said, “I heard this story and came up with ’82 -year-old Kim Ji-young ‘. It is a very popular book in Japan. It needs social change to find women’s rights.”

Sweden and Finland were ranked first in countries with good childcare. Joachim said, “In Sweden, it is natural for men to take parental leave, so I don’t understand this story. It is a pity that Korean women seem to have the perception that they should choose between work and childcare.”

Lastly, Alberto advised the main character of the story, “One thing is important. If the mother is happy, the dad is happy and the child is happy. Through many conversations, the mother should find a happy way.”

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