‘I live alone’ opens athletic meet with rainbow members. 

MBC entertainment program ‘I live alone,’ a member of the Daily Economic Daily Today on the 15th, “existing members such as Park Nae-rae and Gian 84, including Kananbi, Kim Yeon-gyeong, Yunho Yunho invited members of the rainbow,” he said. As a guest, Hyeri, Park Joon-hyung and Lee Yeon-hee attended, and Jeon Hyun-moo and Han Hye-jin did not attend the break after the break. An official said, “The broadcast date is yet to be determined.” 

At the athletic meet, the members of the rainbow were known to have spent a good time playing tricks and tug of war. 

Meanwhile, ‘I live alone’ is broadcast every Friday at 11:10 pm. 

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