TVN ‘Hotel Del Luna’ has revealed a mysterious teaser poster like a fairy tale.

various genres and fresh tvN receiving the audience’s love in one body, the work of the material, a new drama featuring confidently “Hotel del Luna ‘(a play hongjeongeun hongmiran, directing ohchunghwan production studio dragon, not the artist). Elite Hotelier is a fantastic fantasy romance with a special story that happens when a manager of Hotel Del Luna takes on the fateful event and runs del Luna with a majestic and beautiful but wacky boss like the moon.

The teaser poster, which was unveiled today (7th), featured a picture of Hotel Del Luna, which revealed the colorful reality of the beautiful Seoul night and the moon. The view of Del Luna in a huge full moon seems to show another mysterious world that we do not know. Hotel Del Luna, with its old and old appearance in the middle of Seoul city, is a unique place that reveals its splendid reality only to wandering demons.

Crew “This has a teaser poster released meantime had many minutes naegoja put so impact the wonder that ‘Hotel del Luna’ special and mysterious atmosphere,” he explained, and “the Hong Sisters writers and ohchunghwan director, actor Lee, Ji – Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin-goo And the fantasy material of Del Luna, who starts a suspicious business when the moon emerges, confidently captivates viewers. I would like to pay much attention to the first broadcast in July. ”

The story of a hotel where the ghost of “Hotel Del Luna” is staying is the early plan of the ‘Sun of the Lord’ written by Hong writers in 2013. This story will come to the world in 2019, and director Cho Chung-hwan will direct director of “Doctors” and “While you are asleep.” It is scheduled to start its first business in July.

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