tvN’ Aspire months Chronicles “Jang Dong-Song Joong-gi-Kim Ji-won – Kim Ok-bin-gimuiseong – joseongha – yidogyeong – Park Hae-joon – bakbyeong is – Shin Ju-hwan – Yoo Tae Oh, and Chu Ja-hyeon ‘s main poster ’12 person part1’ which had a strong force.

The TVN new Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicles’ (play Kim Young – hyun Park, Sang Yeon, director Kim Won – seok) will be the first to be broadcasted on June 1, and it contains the fateful stories of heroes who write different legends in the ancient earth ‘Aus’.

In particular, ‘The Astral Chronicles’, which was the first in Korea as the background of ancient times, is anticipating the magnificent scale, casting studs and unexpected images. Part1 Main Poster, a meaningful atmosphere with 12 new transformations such as Jang Dong-gun, Song Jung Ki, Kim Ji-won, Kim Ok-bin, Kim Eui-jun, Attracting attention.

Above all, “Astralk Chronicles” part1 main poster has a distinctive personality, a feeling of character, 12 features of 12 colors, and focuses attention. First of all, Jang Dong Gun, who stares at the front, and Aura of Song Junggi, are grabbing the center of gravity. The genius of the strategist, Saigon Taegon, is showing his majestic appearance with intense eyes like Jang Dong-gun penetrating the world. Born between the people and the brain, the ‘Eunsu’, the back of Song Jung Ki and the Korean Han Jungryeju, show off the mysterious atmosphere with the appealing power of the eyes.

Here, Kim Ji-won, who is the successor of the Han Chinese clan mother, is making a curious look with a jewel in her head and a picture of her face painted on her face. The daughter of a patriarch and a politician of desire to desire for power, Taehaeha Kim, leaves a sharp impression with an angled eye and a strong impression.

In addition to the subtitles titled ‘Part1 The Children of Prophecy’, major characters leading the plays such as Kim Seong-Joong-ha, Lee Do-kyung, Park Hae-jun, Park Byung-eun, Shin Ju- Foreshadowing the fierce battle and fateful story to occupy ‘As’

The father of the Taegon (Jang Dong-gun) and the associate of Asdal, Kim Sung-sung and Kim Tae-ha (Kim Ook-bin), father of the family, and Mi-hol, the chief of the family, ‘Asaron’ station Lee Dae-kyung is intensely curious about the secret hidden in charisma. In addition, Park Hae-joon, Park Hae-joon and Park Dae-jung, who are in the “Mugak” station, are in a state of ” ‘La Gazza’ Station Jae Tae O Mother of ‘Asahong’ in Owaseom (Song Jung-ki) ‘Chu Ja-hyun’ has a strong darkness and bright radiance.

“We tried to express the life, desire and ambition of the ancient people in ‘Astdal Chronicle’ intensely,” said the production crew. “Please expect a lot of” Astralk Chronicle “to solve the fateful story of various characters. “He said.

On the other hand, the TVN new Saturday drama ‘Asdal Chronicle’, which gives overwhelming atmosphere to Korea’s first ancient fantasy, will be broadcast on Saturday, June 1, at 9:00 pm.

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