Yunho returned to solo.

The showcase for the release of ‘True Colors’, the first solo album of the singer Yunho Yoon, was held at the Universal Art Center in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of June 12th.

‘True Colors’ is the first solo album after the debut of the member of TVXQ Dong Bang Shin Ki (member of TVXQ). In addition to being able to meet its own music and performances, it is also worth noting that each track has its own emotions, such as red, orange, blue, dark gray, and white. “I felt like I was going to debut solo for 16 years, and I feel like I was debuting TVXQ,” he explained, “I wanted to share my emotions in life.”

The title track is Track 1 ‘Follow’. The intro narration that seems to memorize the order and the quiet first half melody gather tension. Yoon Yoon-ho said, “All the know-how of the 16th-year singer was contained,” he said. “It is a heavy-pitched, heavy-pitched song.” The word ‘follow’ means ‘to follow’. “It may be about the relationship of reason, and it also means that I will take the initiative so that you can follow me,” he explained. The color of the ‘follow’ is silver, and the reason is the dark, groovy mood of metallic percussion and cold texture synthesizers.

In ‘follow’ choreography, there is the existing power and the different fun. He added, “I have put the beauty of the margin in the powerful, You will get a feeling that the day is standing right there, “he said.” I wanted to have fun. So I mixed the gestures of Doctor Strange, Tanos and Iron Man in the movie “Avengers” little by little. “

His debut album includes’ Follow ‘,’ Swing ‘with the singer BoA,’ Hit Me Up ‘with the rapper Giri Boy featuring, and’ ‘Blue Jeans’, urban ‘Why’, and ‘Change the World’, which shows positive energy. “I participated in the whole song with the feeling of a producer but I did not intentionally raise my name,” said Yoon Yoon-ho, “and the lyrics and the story are followed. I want you to look carefully at it, “he said. London Noise (LDN Noise), Andrew Choi, Hwang Yubin, Islan and other famous musicians from home and abroad are attracting attention. In particular, Yoo Young-jin and Thomas Trollson shoot the TVXQ hit song “Order-MIROTIC” followed by “Follow” once again with support for Yunho Yunho.

On this day, Yunho described the process of preparing for the New Year as “a fight with oneself.” I wanted to show you a new Yunho. “I was afraid that this album would be seen as a performance album,” he said. “And if you listen to all six tracks from the first track to the last track, you can say, ‘Oh, this guy has a lot of thoughts.’ I was exposed. Giri Boy’s participation is also in the same context. Yunho said, “I am going to have a question about my meeting with Mr. Giri Boy, but I really wanted to do that.” “I wanted to do a lot of new challenges.” That does not exclude TVXQ at all. Even if you follow ‘follow’, the refrain is just ‘TVXQ’. He said, “It’s a lot different from the TVXQ album, but it’s not just another thing. There are some parts that have been developed, “he emphasized.

At this day’s event, Yunho Yunho has revealed the “human Jung Yunho” in various ways. TVXQ’s 8th showcase, which was held in March last year, was a deadly slut that I could not find. At last, he wants to listen to the public with this new album, “Yoo Man Yoo” is a singer. Life after man. Uno Yunho, a performer who wants to sing life, was released at 6 pm today.

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