Comedian Im Mi-suk held another battle to expose her husband Kim Hak-rae gambling and wind. The parties sublimate the wounds into laughter, but the viewers’ gaze is not fine.

In KBS 2TV’s’Troublesome Son of the Rooftop Room’ (hereinafter referred to as Okmoon Son), broadcast on December 8, Kim Hak-rae and Im Mi-sook, who have been married for 31 years, appeared as guests.

On this day, as soon as Kim Hak-rae and Im Mi-sook entered the rooftop room, they showed off their unstoppable speech. When Kim Yong-man said, “The two are hot these days,” Im Mi-suk said, “You should be hot with good things. Only gambling, wind, and memorandums come out.”

Im Mi-sook said that he and Hak-rae Kim have been together on SBS’s ‘Friendly-saving Catering Quiz’ for about six years. When Kim Hak-rae said, “I also gave birth to a child,” Im Mi-sook said, “Why are you talking about babies there?” “You got sick and got a panic disorder after 1 year of marriage. So I was away from the CRT.”

“At the time, I didn’t know what panic disorder was. There was also stress on the broadcast, but I thought my husband would do it well, and I did it (it was difficult).” Also, “I spent 30 years in church because of my husband with prayer and tears. When she revealed her husband’s personal information on the broadcast, she said it was because of her original sin, and now I do everything I ask,” he smiled.

Then to Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi, “Don’t get married. Panic disorder is coming.” In response, Hak-Rae Kim said, “We must marry. They also have to go and have a hard time,” he said.

Earlier, Im Mi-sook appeared in JTBC’s’I Can’t Be #1′ in August and confessed to Kim Hak-rae’s gambling and cheating. Im Mi-suk was shocked by finding out that he had a panic disorder due to Kim Hak-rae’s gambling and wind at the beginning of his honeymoon, and that he was unable to travel abroad for 30 years.

At that time, the revelation caused a big wave in the public. In response to the criticism pouring out toward Kim Hak-rae, the production crew said, “It was a long time ago between the two people,” and “Kim Hak-rae sincerely regretted the mistake. Now Im Mi-sook has forgiven.”

Some viewers expressed their tiredness. One online community responded, “I don’t know how long I have to listen to this story, even though it’s not to be proud”, “Isn’t it possible to talk about an affair again?” Showed.

Provocative materials are useful for catching topics and interests to some extent, but the moment they cross the line, they leave only discomfort. In some ways, it can be seen as a simple personal history of the couple, but the moment they expose it to the public, they easily rise as’objects of gossip’. It means that there will be a justification for criticism and discussion. It is up to the person to bear this.

Also,’cheating’ and’gambling’ are never appropriate to use as repetitive subjects. At the time, Im Mi-sook shed tears along with the disclosure, earning sympathy and regret from many viewers. This is because it is a pain that is widespread in anyone. In this’Ok Moon Son’, the intention to sublimate the past wounds with laughter was seen, but at the time, the viewers comforted and regretted together, and the gaze could not be so fair. Im Mi-sook and Kim Hak-rae’s wish to “hot with good things” is not much different from the wishes of viewers.

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