In KBS 2TV’s’Trouble Son of the Rooftop Room’ broadcast on the 22nd, a scene in which Oh Hyun-kyung explained the controversy related to the SNS article was spread while it was decorated as a special Christmas feature.

On this day, Oh Hyun-kyung said, “Can we love again 3?” Tak Jae-hoon said, “We have kids and that is not easy.

Following this, Song Eun-i mentioned Oh Hyun-kyung’s article, which caused controversy on social media, saying, “Why did you post such an unexpected story on social media?” Recently, Oh Hyeon-kyung shared her feelings about work and love through social media.

So Hyun-kyung Oh said, “It’s my mind,” and Kim Sook trembled, saying, “If I upload such a thing when I’m playing such a pro, I think so.”

Oh Hyun-kyung explained, “I only thought about working too much. I thought I would fall in love with this feeling, so I playfully (Love) told me to come in a cool shape in the next life.” .

Oh Hyun-kyung confessed, “(Tak Jae-hoon) I was so scolded by my brother. I cried because my brother said something.”

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