The youngest participant Lee Seung-yeon beat the oldest participant Park Yeon-hee.

In the first MBN Trot Queen, which aired on February 5, the voice team and the trot team played a song.

Jola, Choi Yeon-hwa, Lee Mi-ri, Park Yeon-hee, Jeon Young-rang, Ahn Lee-sook, Na Ye-won, Yoon Eun-a, Kim Hyang-soon, and Kang Yu-jin appeared as voice teams. Kim Yang, Ahn So-mi, Woo Hyun-jeong, Han Ga-bin, Kim Eui-young, Han Dam-hee, Lee Seung-yeon, Jang Seo-young, Park Min-ju, Jang Ha-on, etc. Jeon Ji-ryul is the voice team leader and Yoon Jung-soo is the trot team leader.

The voice team and trot team each faced one-on-one. The oldest performer, voice team Park Yeon-hee and the youngest performer, trot team Lee Seung-yeon faced the first match. Park Yeon-hee sang “ I can not stop ” Yun Hee-sung. Park Yeon-hee’s husky voice stood out. Lee Seung-yeon selected Kim Yang, ‘Uji Don’. Lee led the stage more abundantly with his level of accordion performance.

Yuk Joong-wan, Lee Sang-min, Kim Jong-min, Kim Hye-yeon chose Lee Seung-yeon, and Tae Jin-a and Lady Jane chose Park Yeon-hee. Lee Seung-yeon won. 

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