The 21st alley, Gongneung-dong ‘Trainway Alley’, was broadcasted on SBS ‘Baekjongwon’s Alley Restaurant’ which aired on the 12th.

It was revealed that Gyeongchun Line was passing by Daesung-ri, and Baek Jong-won said, “It would be weird if I went to MT to Ilsan.”

Jung In-sun said, “We went to Samcheok,” and Kim Seong-ju and Baek Jong-won asked, “It’s really unique. Is that right for 2 days and 1 night?”

When Baek Jong-won talked about the memories of Kyungchun-sun, he said, “My high school alumni is Shin Dae-cheol.”

On this day, Baek Jong-won was the first store in Gongneung-dong ‘Trainway Alley’ and found ‘Sam-yup-ro-bak-yip’, which entered the food business for 2 million won per month for private education. MC Kim Sung-joo, father and father of three children, deeply sympathized with the boss who earns money due to the ever-increasing cost of private education.

In 2018, I bought a hair salon and ran a shop. In particular, the store has the mirrors of the beauty salon, which attracts attention. In particular, this shop is attracting attention because it is making food without seasoning.

Baek Jong-won said, “In my experience, the bosses who don’t use seasoning have a high probability of using it without their knowledge.”

Also, Baek Jong-won saw the grilling of pork and grilled fish on a grill.

Arriving at the restaurant, Baek Jong-won ordered a set meal of 1 serving of soy sauce marinated and 2 servings of spicy grilled pork.

The boss started cooking, and Paik Jong-won asked, “Did you cook the food yourself?” And the boss said, “I upgraded what I ate at home.”

The boss trimmed and sent out the food every time the grilled barbecue grilled out of the grill. The boss took 15 minutes to complete the meal and moved to the situation room.

In the situation room, Kim said to the boss, “If the children are 1 of 1, the cost of private education is enormous.” Evoked.

Baek Jong-won said, “It would not be easy not to use seasonings.” However, Paik Jong-won tasted a bite and asked, “I don’t use seasonings.”

Subsequently, “I don’t use seasonings, but this kimchi stew”, he said. However, after tasting the grilled pork belly, Baek Jong-won had an unknown look and asked, “The boss soy sauce and red pepper paste seasoning are different.”

The boss said, “It’s about 20 days away.” Baek Jong-won said, “The red pepper pork belly is too old. You should not do this.”

Kim Sung-joo headed to the store saying, “I’m worried that I’m going to take a big job.” Baek Jong-won saw Kim Sung-joo and said, “I had ordered before.”

First, Kim Seong-ju tasted the soy sauce samgyeopsal, and said, “You can eat the requirements.”

Baek Jong-won, “good aging is wrong aging, seasonings are wrong,” he hit the stone. Kim Sung-joo was also uncomfortable saying, “The scaffolding is severe.”

Kim Seong-ju eventually took pork belly to the situation room and recommended it to Jung In-sun and his boss.

Baek Jong-won went to the kitchen inspection, “I will watch with the eyes of the hawk” and expressed enthusiasm, and was surprised to see the actual shrimp and mushrooms.

But I smelled the red pepper paste seasoned pork belly and said, “You don’t know it, but you can’t do this.” At this time, Baek Jong-won ate an unknown white powder and asked, “You’re right.” The boss said, “I used salt because I couldn’t use seasoning.”

Baek Jong-won said, “This is a mixture of Mio and salt. It’s okay because you don’t know. And it’s not bad to use this.” Also found the bone bone powder, Baek Jong-won laughed, “This is a seasoning.”

The boss also laughed and said, “I’m sorry.” Baek Jong-won said, “You can use it, but you should use it.” After Baek Jong-won continued to find seasonings, he said, “You should not use seasonings. You should use ‘I didn’t know.'”

Eventually, the boss who returned from the situation room drew attention as he deleted the phrase ‘do not use seasoning’.

Next, a vegetable giblets run by the president of ‘the same age couple of will,’ which has been challenging for 17 years, was introduced.

The boss was selling alum for lunch, and it was a vegetable giblet restaurant, but it was actually only one million deliveries. The store even struggled with a drastic guest drought that resulted in 15 pre-explorations by the crew prior to filming.

The boss of the store also liked to chat with customers, and Baek Jong-won pointed out, “Then, if you have more customers, you may not like business.”

In particular, Kim Seong-ju said, “My husband is sweating even if he eats spicy food on TV.”

Baek Jong-won headed to the store said, “Vegetable giblets are special. I’d like two servings of vegetable giblets.”

In particular, Kim Seong-ju, who saw the president who continues the talk, said, “It is a Gongneung-dong talk bomber.”

Paik Jong-won asked, “Who did you learn to roast the giblets?” The boss said, “I learned from a friend.”

Next, Baek Jong-won asked the boss who made the vegetable giblets, “How long do you use the sauce?” When watching the video in the situation room, Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-sun caught the eye.

Before tasting, Baek Jong-won said, “You can go to the situation room,” and the boss said, “You are the same.”

Jung In-sun in the situation room, “I’m a giblet mania. I really liked it,” he was excited to show the excited look.

Baek Jong-won, who tried to tasting, started the tasting saying, “Visual is fine. Baek Jong-won, who ate giblets, laughed suddenly, and spited giblets, saying, “I know why there are no guests.”

Baek Jong-won said, “I’m not good at eating food, but I might have eaten at least one wrong.”

Jung In-sun, who ran to the giblets for tasting, said, “It’s awful. I keep chewing.” Jung In-seon said, “It keeps the smell of bitter gourd. Even if the smell of giblets can be eaten, this giblets exceeded that range.”

Baek Jong-won said, “I love the smell of pig giblets, but it’s not like that.

In the end, Baek Jong-won pointed out, “It seems to be a problem with the intestines being delivered. You have to try another product. First, seasoning is the second problem.”

The boss who came back to the store tried the giblets and was upset, “Why is the giblets. I changed the giblets.”

The last shop was a regular customer ’99 .9% ‘, only the regular customers visit the’ jjigaebaekbanjib ‘.

Luckily, this store had a few customers unlike other stores, a mother and daughter had a shop, and the 37-year-old daughter had been working unpaid for 13 years.

Kim Sung-joo said, “After 10 days of observation, 56 kinds of soups and side dishes came out.” It turned out that the customer was not able to figure out what foods to eat.

At this time, the daughter was seen taking a taxi to go to delivery, and Baek Jong-won was surprised to say, “How long does the albino take a taxi to go to delivery. No way.

In particular, my daughter caught a taxi when she delivered her clothes, but when she returned to the shop, she showed her walking.

In addition, the granddaughter daughter was attending the table with the regular customer at the table where she was eating.

Regular customers were worried that “the menu is changing now,” and the boss said, “I will try to supplement the menu and do better.”

Baek Jong-won asked to go to the store, “I think two people, give me alum.”

Paik Jong-won asked, “I’ve seen the appetite,” said the boss, “I know you do not eat,” he said why he chooses.

Baek Jong-won said, “Everyone is like a family. Give them the allowance. There is no such restaurant these days.”

Baek Jong-won, who received the old sauerkraut and beef broth, said, “If it’s 6,000 won, it’s good.”

Kim Sung-joo told the boss and daughter who came to the situation room. “Walk when you walk.”

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