Koreaboo launched the list of the 10 most sexy female idols K-pop and immediately sparked controversy. This list brings together a lot of Kpop beauties known for their glamorous styles, including Jiyeon, Hyuna, Hyorin, Kyungri … However, it is noteworthy that Jennie passed the series of seniors is the sexy queen like Hyuna, Kyungri to rank in the 2nd place. In addition, two beautiful sage Suzy and Sana reappear in this ranking. And the most special, class 1 belongs to a character unexpectedly.

10. Jiyeon (T-ARA)

Own body hot, shape again slender, Jiyeon turned to sexy style after separation in the solo project. From that time up to now, fans have admired the sexy look of female idol anytime anywhere. Jiyeon is highly regarded for his style

9. Suzy

Honestly, the sweetness associated with the sweet image, however, “national debut” Suzy reappear in the list. In the broadcast of Miss H’s “Hush”, Suzy was shocked when she transformed into a sexy figure. As a result, the fans realized that Suzy was so suave in style

8. Krystal f (x)

But never show around, but Krystal is sexy enough to show off the super slim waist with hip flaps. The moment Krystal performed sexy dance hips on the stage that caused fever on social networks

7. Hyorin

Following the sexy image from the debut, there is no reason that Hyorin does not appear on this list. The singer possesses a fiery body, seductive skin and a “deadly” look. Sexy seems to have become the brand of the hit “Alone”

6. Kyungri (9MUSES)

Like Hyorin, Kyungri is also most famous for 9MUSES when the group is active. With the standard body, eyes charming and sharp like cats, Kyungri floating around a time because too sexy

5. Joy (Red Velvet)

Before Yeri joined the group, Joy was the cutest, most adorable babe in Red Velvet. Despite being cute, Joy still makes fans excited when it comes to their natural charms
After losing weight successfully, Joy surprised when turning into a beautiful beauty peak. Joy’s beauty is as high as Irene’s teammate. In addition, Joy’s shaping of the sexy style also made her become a hot name on the social network. Every image of Joy is the topic of netizens

4. Seolhyun (AOA)

Equipped with daring, sexy and possessive body style, Seolhyun is always rated and ranked as the sexiest Korean beauties. However, this girl ranked at number 4, causing many dissatisfactions as Seolhyun surpassed Kyungri, Hyorin, and Hyuna only in this ranking.

3. Hyuna

To the point of being sexy, Hyuna is definitely ranked high. She is considered the heaviest opponent of Korean sexy idols, the most qualified to inherit the title of “sexy queen Kpop” by Lee Hyori. Surprisingly, Hyuna was ranked second only to the juniors in this ranking

2. Jennie (BlackPink)

Just two years ago, Jennie was famous throughout Asia for being so beautiful, sexy to full, attractive. She possesses the rare beauty, the goddess is like the tycoon. Appreciated, Jennie easily entered the top two of this chart. However, the fact that Jennie passed her sister Hyuna still made many fans uncomfortable

1. Sana (TWICE)

The most controversial character in this list is Sana (TWICE). It is a fine art with a cute, cute TWICE image, so Sana is sitting at number one on this list. Fans are still defending Sana and claiming that the female idol has a sexy inner core that can only be seen on the stage.

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