“I am very excited about the sound of his’daughter’. Try it the way I do it to my mom? Tick-tick and nervous as if you were all tempered… .”

This one sentence explains how close to fantasy a’daughter-in-law’ in Korean society is. Those who have become daughters-in-law, and women with such a friend, are bound to empathize strongly. This is the reason why the Kakao TV drama’My daughter-in-law’ (director Lee Kwang-young, photo) is a hot topic.

‘Daughter-in-law’, first released on the 21st of last month, has recorded over 1 million views each time. It was 1.4 million views once and 1.3 million views twice, and the third episode, released on the 4th, recorded 1.1 million views in just three days. Even if times have changed and generations have changed, it is still difficult to adapt to’Sea World’, which means in-laws, says’Daughter-in-law’.

◇ Is the 21st century sea world different from the 20th century?

The appearance of Sea World in the 20th century is clear. The patriarchal father-in-law, the mother-in-law who lived with her husband in the sky, and the daughter-in-law who stepped into the unknown family after becoming the wife of a son who grew up pampered under him are thorn cushions.

What is the difference in the 21st century, when women’s social status has risen, and older daughter-in-laws have become mother-in-laws after suffering the damage of Sea World? However, as history repeats itself, “it’s not very different,” says’the daughter-in-law. Min Sa-rin (Park Ha-sun), a new daughter-in-law, cooks seaweed soup from her mother-in-law on her birthday to score points at her in-laws. Rather than taking this for granted, her husband, Moo Gu-young (Kwon-yul), tries to maintain neutrality by looking at his wife’s attention. However, Min Sarin collapses at the appearance of her mother-in-law, who only gives her son steamy freshly cooked rice and says, “It’s rice cooked in the morning, let’s eat this with you and me.”

Of course there are differences. They try to become the young daughter-in-law that the in-laws and husband want, but if a corresponding response does not come, they clearly draw a’line’. Suppose that the son-in-law prepared the mother-in-law’s birthday on his own. Everyone did it too much.” In addition, when the mother-in-law emphasized the natural childbirth, the son-in-law, who was about to give birth, said, “We will discuss and decide the matter.” However, Son Wit-Dong-seo also tried to be recognized at the beginning of the marriage, but it was revealed that he was disappointed with the appearance of his in-laws making holiday meals on Chuseok alone a year ago.

In addition, in the scene where the mother-in-law handed over an apron saying that it was a gift from a department store, a few viewers commented, “Caught the back neck”. This is the scene I saw in the movie’Gim Ji-young born in 82′.

Actor Park Ha-sun, who starred in the drama, recently told Munhwa Ilbo, “I also had a time when I wanted to be beautiful, recognized, and loved as a daughter-in-law. ‘If you think of it, it could be easier. I am always grateful if I think,’I’m a man, but are you good to me?’, and I feel less sad if I think’I can do this because they are others’.”

◇Sea World, the gap between ideal and reality

Sea World has been a staple of dramas and entertainment programs for a while. However, amid the reaction that’it doesn’t match the atmosphere of the times’, related contents gradually decreased. However, there is always a gap between ideal and reality. Unlike the past, in dramas and entertainment these days, we look more carefully at the stories of those who overcome Sea World and live, but the rejection and fear that women feel about Sea World in reality has not changed much. The proof is that’the daughter-in-law’ is not an anachronistic drama, but a hotbed of consensus.

Cultural critic Ha Jae-geun said, “The fact that the existing Sea World code works means that the fears and problem consciousness that prospective daughter-in-laws have about their in-laws is being passed down in the 21st century.” It announced that it has become an era that values ​​individual freedom and rights. In the end, in a situation where there is an antipathy toward Sea World, the way the new generation of women cope with it will be changing.”

It is also curious why Kakao TV, an online video service (OTT) platform with relatively young users, chose Sea World as its original drama. Shin Jong-soo, head of Digital Contents Business Division of Kakao M, said, “The’Daughter-in-law’ serialized through SNS is the subject matter and content that women in 2040 will relate to, so we have a strong fandom. It was able to attract 2040 female viewers.”

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