Actor Park Myung-hoon (44) finally came out.

Park Myung-hoon interviewed the movie ‘Parasite’ (director Bong Joon-ho) in a cafe in Samcheong-dong on the afternoon of the 12th. The man in the basement in ‘Parasite’ Park Myung-hun interviewed on the opening of the third week, the thought about the movie.

‘Parasite’ is a story of two family members’ meeting that started when the oldest son (Ganghakho) and his eldest son (Gyu Woo-sik) started to walk to the doctor’s house (Lee Sun-kyun) It is a work.

Park Myung – hoon played the modern role of living in the basement of the doctor ‘s parasite in the’ parasite ‘and performed a couple’ s breath with Mun – gwang (Lee Jung – eun).

Park Myung-hoon accompanied the Cannes Film Festival, but he did not stand on the red carpet.

Park said, “Although the existence itself is a spoiler, I thank the people who watched the movie and I do not know what I am doing.” “Before the filming, I cut off the SNS and did not tell anyone about the movie. I can not be emptied, so I told him to appear in the movie, “I probably shot him for two months but only thought he was not playing a small role.”

Park said, “I could not talk about the movie appearance, and I was really excited to ask if I should have been hiding because I had to hide. I had to try this experience and it was really a new feeling.”

In addition, Park Myung-hoon said, “I took my flesh to 8-kilograms for the film, and since I am wearing a lot of hair, I can not recognize me because of my hair. I am so impressed. “

Meanwhile, ‘parasites’ have surpassed 7.4 million viewers and are racing towards 10 million viewers.

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