Kim Moo-yeol (38) directed the actor Ma Dong-seok (49).

In an interview in a cafe in Seoul’s Seocho-dong on October 10, Kim said, “My brother is still a lovely personality (laughs). It has not changed from the past.” It seemed to me that it was not difficult when I suggested something from the standpoint of the actor versus the actor. ”

The two people set the tone for the movie “The Wicked I” (director Lee Won-tae, provided distribution kiwi media group, Ace Maker Movie Works, production Bie Entertainment, Twin Film).

The film, which will be released on the 15th, will become a target of a murderer, and the survivors of the murderous middle-class organization gang boss Jang Dong-soo and the murderer Cheng Tae-seok Jung Tae-seok (Kim Moo-yeol) It is a crime action genre with a story that goes on. Kim Moo-yeol took the role of Chung Tae-seok, a homicide detective, who became frustrated with catching criminals.

This is the first time that they have starred in the movie, but they have appeared in the “New World” section of the film ‘Destruction Report for Humanity’ (2011), which was directed by Imchul Sung in the past.

Kim Moo-yeol said, “I used to appear in a short time in the work of director Im, I have watched Majok Seok-dae with my interest, but I am very interested in seeing you through this movie and I am very interested in it. I feel like I have been working hard from my seat, and my brother is still a lovely personality (laughs).

However, Kim Moo-yeol said, “Majokseok-hwan (no matter how things change) does not change. It’s always the same. There is no distance from juniors. “It was not difficult for me to make suggestions from the viewpoint of the actor versus the actor in the junior position,” he said. “His personality is also meticulous and meticulous. It seems that you do not sleep and worry about your work. When I talked about movies in the field, I felt so crazy that I was worried too much. ”

Kim Moo – yeol, who played a hot – blooded detective, increased his weight by 15kg in order not to look physically inferior when he stood side by side with the marching stone of the organization boss. He said he had been injured on his shoulders and necks while taking action movies and was not easy to postpone due to food poisoning.

(Laughs) So when I increased 15kg, I prepared it thoroughly. “” When the leather jacket I was wearing was torn, Tae-seok was overturned by Dong-su . But the scene ended quickly. I thought it would be better to play with actors who are stabilized in action rather than technical ones that day. (E) It was good to have him with his brother, “he said.

Kim Moo-yeol compared the action style of Jang Dong-su and Jung Tae-seok. “If Jung Tae Suk makes an action in the body, Jang Dong-soo is a boss-like boss who plays short and concise hits. Tae Suk is a style of swinging fists without skill. ”

Also, about the costume style of Tae-Seok, “I thought that the director was wearing a leather jacket because it was a nice piece of cloth, and I thought that leather was a great image from the viewpoint of the bishop … Haha … I did not really think about wearing a leather jacket, (Laughs), “he laughed.

Although the personality of Jung Tae Suk is somewhat rough, he is a person who faithfully performs his role and mission. He said, “Although Tae Seok is a bitchy person, he is a good person to be a criminal. I thought that he was the opposite of Jang Dong-soo. “He said,” I felt like I was a bad person in the process of solving a crime. I thought that there was an absolute conviction in treating evil. ” I said.

‘Wicked I’ was officially invited to the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival midnight screening (non-competition) category, which will be held this month. It is the fourth consecutive year that the film will be released for the fourth consecutive year following the 2016 film “Busan” (Director Yong Sang Ho), 2017 “The Wicked” (Director Jeong Byeong Gil) The achievement of advancement into the midnight screening division is achieved.

Kim Moo-yeol said, “I was so happy when I heard about the advancement to the Cannes Film Festival. “I was stunned,” he said. (Wife Yoon Seung-ah) was also pleased. ”

However, he said, “I am excited to go to the Cannes Film Festival, but I wonder how domestic audiences will see our films. I wish I could see the audience well and I would like to go to the Cannes Film Festival when I heard that it was “fun.” “If it does not happen first, I feel like I am going to leave a lot empty. I’m really curious how you’ll see it. “

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