Previously, they married couples in child care. Hanson first apologized for the angry evolution. Evolution is a cool aspect of asking, “What happened yesterday?” 

Evolution is the only situation where child care is digested by the return of Hansonwon. Hanson did not realize the necessity of the babysitter and consulted and ignored the cost. Hanson turned his eyes to the day care center and went on a day tour with Jinhwa. 

Jin-Hwa and Hanson-won also showed great satisfaction in a free daycare center. In particular, Jinhwa showed a sense of ramen to check the hours of day care centers and the presence of CCTV. 

The problem is that there is no room in the daycare center and we have to wait. Hanson said, “We are a dual-income family and we are multicultural families.” 

On this day, Jamson showed pregnancy symptoms, but she was not pregnant. Tears eventually shed tears. 

On the other hand, on the day of the broadcast, the daily life of Songgwa people and their families was revealed. Songgain was born again as an ambassador for the publicity of Jindo, and set up a dream car. 

In the meantime, Songgain ‘s parents had a’ truth workshop ‘. Song’s mother said, “I married in your face,” she said, “did you like me because I was pretty?” 

The singer ‘s father said, “I played the guitar and you did not sing. You followed me like that. ” 

Song’s mother said, “Do not lie. You followed me. ” 

Song’s father said, “You are beautiful,” he grumbled, saying, “This man wanted to have rice in his ear.” 

Song’s mother said, “If you were not me honestly, I would have lived as an old bachelor,” he pleaded with it and boasted the “Millgang” side of Jindo. 

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