In TV Chosun’s’Mistrot 2 D-1 Special Trot Chronicle’, which aired on December 16, the Shindong stage, which made the program shine, was unveiled.

In’Mistrot’, the stage of’Love,’ by Eunbin Kim, who boasted the ability to believe even as a professional singer, as well as the stages of Farewell and Hyunjung Woo, were unveiled.

Also in’Mr. Trot’, a video of Proverbs Hong, who melted the hearts of the masters by using the singing method of composition-jin in a cute appearance, and Do-hyeong Lim, who showed unspoiled purity in a clear voice, was released during the preliminary round.

In addition, Jung Dong-won sang’Borit Pass’ with a deep sensibility and made the original songwriter Jinsung shed tears, and Nam Seung-min set up a stage where he admired with’Samo’.

The video of’Jintobaegi’, the legend stage of beauty Lee Chan-won of’Mr. Trot’ who participated in Shindongbu, was also released. MC Seongju Kim said in the narration, “No one knew that Chanwon Lee would be’Chantobaegi’ until Jeonju came out.”

In the video, Lee Chan-won overwhelmed the atmosphere of the scene from the first verse and passed through all heart. 

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