“It’s a funny day, I’m going to be serious, I want the audience to know our authenticity,” he said. The songs they chose were ‘South train’. Powerful performances and vocals filled with passion and enthusiasm caught the ears.

“We want to give a little bit of the comfort and strength we have received,” said Dyuetto. The voice of sweet people and the sympathized words were impressive. Kim Jong-ryong praised “it was very tough to express, but it was very touching,” and Dewetto won the first place with 382 votes.

The Pentagon, who made it to the third stage, said, “We are finished today, we have prepared the greedy, and I am willing to win.” The Pentagon had a perfect reinterpretation of ‘greedy’ in their own colors. Idol-down swordsman and sophisticated stage manners also attracted attention. “It was the most perfect of the men’s idols I’ve seen recently,” he praised. The Pentagon, however, lost to Dueto.

Kim Yong-jin said, “It is my great advantage to make good use of the ballad’s loneliness. He chose ‘Burying Pain’ and made the audiences’ eyes blue with a heavy voice and expressive feelings. Kim Yong-jin who received the praise of the legendary Kim Jin-Ryong and the cast. However, they did not stop Dewett’s third win.

Casey, who made his debut in the ‘Endless Classic’, chose ‘I Love You’. Casey to pay attention to emotional rap. He showed off his distinctive sensibility and showed a strong lapping and surprised everyone. Kim Jin-yong praised “Casey’s sentiment has touched my heart,” but Casey was unfortunately defeated by Dewetto.

Finally, Svassbaa selected ‘lies’. In an enchanting Tango melody, Svassba showed a fantastic chord. Especially Sasabe ‘s voice and lyrics sounded audiences. Kim Jin-Ryong praised it as “a voice orchestra.”

In the stage of fantastic singers, Dyuetto won the final with 5 wins. 

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