movie ‘The Bando’ (director Yong Sang Ho, director of the film company, Red Peter), which links the world view of the zombie blockbuster Busan (16, Director Yong Sang Ho), confirmed the casting and posted its first shovel on the 24th.

Kang Dong Won, Lee Jung-hyun, Lee, Lee Hae, Kwon Hae-hyo, Kim Min-jae, “Peninsula,” which was set for the first time on the 24th, It is the next project of director Yong Sang-ho who has made Korea’s appearance after ‘Busan Line’ where the function of the country has stopped. ‘Busan Busan’ is a Korean commercial film that attracted 11.5 million viewers with the thrill that occurred in the limited space of the first zombie-infected zombie material and 300km per hour train to Busan.

‘Peninsula’ catches the eye with a cast as intense as the setting. Kang Dong-won, who widened his activities abroad, took on the role of a stepping stone to the foot of the peninsula. Kang Dong Won is expected to demonstrate her accomplishments in a series of anticipations of zombies and life-threatening struggles that cover the whole country. Lee Jung-hyun, who boasts a variety of acting spectra such as ‘Scream’, ‘Alice in Faithful Nation’, and ‘Warship Island’, transforms into a survivor, Minjung, who survived the zombies in a desolate peninsula. Lee Jung-hyun is going to show the aspect of a strong woman who leads people without giving up even in extreme circumstances.

The actor Lee, who showed a brilliant presence in ‘Wish’ and ‘Brother thought’, plays Jun-ii, who is going through the crisis with Minjung, and Kwon Hae-hyo, a prominent actor, plays the role of Kimnoin who does not lose faith that he will be rescued. It adds vitality to. In addition, Kim Min-jae, who plays the character of all characters, and “Jane of Dreams”, who swept the actors’ awards of various film festivals, played the role of Hwang Jung-sa and Seo It will give tension.

View original imageThe concept visual of ‘Peninsula’, which was released along with the casting confirmation news, focuses attention on the peninsula that has been ruined after 4 years since ‘Busan’ and its final battle to be held there.

‘Bando’ is a work that depicts the last battle to escape from the peninsula that has become the land of ruins due to the unprecedented disasters four years after ‘Busan’. Kang Dong Won, Lee Junghyun, Lee Ere, Kwon Hae Hyo, Kim Min Jae, and Ward Exchange.

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