On this day, Seung-Woo Kim cheered on the challengers, saying, “Who is the queen queen and the trot guys can’t step back? Who will be the last singer?” The Seung-Woo Kim introduced 10 members of the evaluation team, and Lee said, “I came out to cheer you on. The judges will be fair.”

Yang Soo-kyung said, “You can sing it as you practice.” And Joo Young-hoon, “There are songs I have made, and I can put them on you.” After the evaluation team’s story, the first challenger appeared.

Challenger Cho Eun-sae introduced himself as “Sae-ya, Sa-ya, Sa-eun, and Eun-sae who flew by your side.” In response to Joo Young-hun, who recognizes herself as Hye-kyung, Eun-sae Cho replied shyly that she was a member of the first generation idol group Papaya in the 200s. Cho Eun-sae caught the eye with an intense red dress and silvery colorful props, and sang ‘the face you want to see’ coolly. Cho Eun-sae showed a relaxed appearance while doing a mid-adlib, and succeeded in capturing the evaluation team with a fascinating dance that reminded me of Spain.

The second challenger was Sooyeon Yeon, born by Voice Queen. Sooyeon Yeon introduced himself as “the first voice queen who is trying to give hope to Korean single moms.” Before going on the stage, Sooyeon Yeon said, “Voice Queen changed her life.” She cried and said that she donated 10 million won to the Queen’s prize money. 

Soo Yeon-yeon’s stage began. Sooyeon Yeon sang the first measure of ‘A Strange Woman’ at a different tempo than the original song. Since then, unlike the boy queen, she danced brightly and cheerfully with a male dance and radiated a meal. Sooyeon Yeon also received an all-crown. 

Next, Sung Eun appeared. Sung Eun said, “It’s been over 15 years since my debut. I turned to Trot 5 years ago.” He said, “I thought it was going to work out well. In 2015, I released a trot album and tasted a crushing defeat. I struggled for 2 years. I am most sorry for my mom.”

Sung Eun sang the wave by singing ‘Samba’s Lady’ with an exciting rhythm and continued the song without shaking. Joo Young-hun admired, “I sing better than before.” Hong Rok-ki also said, “I know that Sung Eun is right. I sang it well before, but I sang it well now.” 

The next stage was decorated by Yabujenirin from the Philippines. Yabuzenirin showed off her great skills at Voice Queen, and Joo Young-hoon said to her, “I’m from Philippines, and I’m really good at singing.” Yabuzenirin calmly sang ‘Love, True’, and Chae Yeon said, “I’m a proficient person.” 

However, Yabuzerinin won seven crowns and was unable to reach the next round. Joo Young-hoon, who didn’t press the button, said, “I only noticed the treble. I’m sorry.”

Then, two months after his debut as a Gyeonggi folk song, Park Min-ju appeared. Park Min-ju sang ‘Gangwon-do Arirang’ with a combination of Korean traditional music and trot, and received an all-crown at the beginning of the song. Hong Rok-ki asked Park Min-joo and Park A-ri, saying, “Suddenly, I’d like to hear Dooly with pansori and Gyeonggi folk songs.” 

Since then, Soomi has appeared. Owned by said push “externally one should win. Everybody does who calls the song well. I am sorry,”
he smiled. Soomi Mi sang ‘First Love’ gracefully and showed a surprise performance like an intermediate musical. So, Soomi received the All Crown.

Ahn So-jung, who announced her face at Voice Queen, unfolded the stage. Ahn So-jung recalled the mother she wanted to see and sang ‘Sister’. On the stage of intense emotion, the evaluation team shed tears. Ahn So-jung received the All Crown. Next, the youngest participant, Kim Eui-young, sang ‘Soya Song of Memories’. 

Kim Eui-young, who said that she liked and called her often, surprised the evaluation team with a voice and expression that was not like a young age. Eui-young Kim also received an all-crown. Don Spike said, “I pressed it, but I regretted for a moment from the back. I can’t remember now. The judges said, “Are you going to see me now?”

Next, the 7th and 8th icon Kim Se-mi, who was eliminated from the first round of the Voice Queen, sang ‘Love You’. However, he missed the beat and showed a regrettable stage. Unfortunately, Kim Se-mi won six crowns and failed to advance to the next round. Joo Young-hun said, “I wore high heels and danced with treble. It wasn’t easy.” 

After Kim Se-mi, Jang Seo-young appeared as a trot while playing a musical. Jang Seo-young sang ‘Laguyo’ relaxedly and vigorously. Jang Seo-young received eight crowns and confirmed the advance to the second round. Don Spie, who didn’t press the button, said, “I was trying to show too much. Musical, rock, ballad, trot … I want the next stage to show an implicit stage.” 

Subsequently, Choi Seong, who has a luxury jazz voice, showed off this ‘Camellia Lady’. Choi Seong-eun, who took control of the stage with a strong sensibility, succeeded in advancing to the second round under the selection of Lee, Nature. “I was worried at first. I called it with my own color, not the window, so I pressed it,” Lee said. Yang Soo-kyung advised, “The voice is very good in color, but the selection is too difficult. I wish I could select a song that suits my voice.”

Afterwards, Joela, a representative from Boys Queen, was introduced. Joela sang ‘The Samogok’ with her own scream. Unfortunately, he won the 7th round and failed to advance to the 2nd round. 

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