Jang Jae-in Nam, Tae-hyun’s ‘two-legged exposure’ incident, ‘work room’ will be reduced in the future of the two people.

The TVN real romance entertainment program ‘Workshop’ production team on the 7th, ‘I am sorry for the news of Nam Tae-hyun and Jang Jae-in as well as the relationship between them through’ Workshop ‘through the official homepage.

“There was a lot of discussion about the contents of the broadcasting in the future, and the workshop was completed at the end of March, and there are now 2 episodes of the broadcast, and the next episode will include the candid feelings and feelings of 10 teenage male and female musicians We are going to edit the content of the two so that viewers do not feel inconvenienced in the current situation. ”

“We will do our utmost to make sure that the broadcast is well done. Thank you.”

On the morning of this morning, Jang Jae-in posted an article explaining Nam Tae-hyun’s “Yangdae” in a public devout with a picture capturing Kakao Talk conversation on his SNS.

In this article, Jang Jae In said, “I have been admitted to being a public love affair while I was studying. I have to make my situation difficult for my company and I should not disclose if I live like this.” “Why did you stick to contact with public love? That’s what happened. ”

Then, “Nam Tae-hyun, especially Nam Tae-hyun’s fans, send me a bad DM (direct message) In the meantime, the other women have passed quietly, but they do not see any other victims. I do not mind, but I have a minimum of conscience to live with, “he added.

The two men admitted in April that they had become a real lover with the appearance of the studio. The last five days of the broadcast on the first date of the two people were also included.

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