Police decided to apply the allegation of abuse of authority to the so-called ‘police chief’ in the cacao talk group chat room which includes the singer victory (Lee Seung-hyun).

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, which has been investigating the case, announced on June 15 that it will send the case to the prosecution on the charge of obstruction of the exercise of abuse of authority. Yoon Sung-kyung, a representative of Yoon In-Seok Former Glass Holdings, confirmed the contents of the crackdown through police officers at Gangnam Police Station in Seoul after the violation report of the Food Sanitation Law was filed against the ‘Monkey Museum’, which opened in Gangnam in July 2016. .

The police officer is planning to send a copy of B Byeong-jang, who was in charge of investigations, as an officer of the Gangnam-ee economic team head A, A police officer said, “We are suspected of being charged with having Mr. Yoon and A’s officer mislead his authority to disclose the information to B Chung, who is not obliged to inform the investigation.”

Police also considered Yoon Kun-kyung’s application of allegations of bribery and bribery, as well as the violation of the Anti-Fraud Act and the prohibition of bribery. Earlier, Yoon said that he received several meals, golf entertainment, and concert tickets from Yu. The amount of money spent on the hospitality is estimated at about 2.68 million won. This does not meet the standard of criminal punishment for violation of the anti-trust ban, “1 million won or more than 3 million won each fiscal year”.

Therefore, the police decided to send Yoon Sung-kyung’s allegations of violation of the anti-boarding law as a bureaucratic opinion. However, it is said that it is applicable to the object of ‘fines for disposition’ under the Prohibition Ban Law, and it will notify the inspection department so that discipline and even personnel will be done. Police will investigate the alleged cointegration investigation involving Yoon, but will continue investigating if additional clues are detected in the future.

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