On the 18th, the news of the remake of “Bullock: The World of the Bad Guys” (director Sung Sung-hyun) was broadcasted in Cannes, France, where the 72nd Cannes Film Festival is held. ‘Bloody Hadang’ will be remade with English version in cooperation with CJ Entertainment and French production company Fatefilm. The remake of the ‘bloody party’ is distributed by both companies. CJ Entertainment will distribute its distribution in Asia, including Korea, and distribute it to France and Switzerland. CJ Entertainment, who met at Cannes, said, “I was attracted by the solid story line of the ‘Bullfight’ at European producers.” Both sides decided to remake the English version with the common goal of trying to reach the US and European markets simultaneously. ”

It is a story of two men who have made up their minds in prison, doubting each other and betraying each other in the process of building up the forces in the organization. Seong Gyoung-gug served as a starter in the role of a temporary loser and gave birth to an enthusiastic fan. In 2017, he was invited to the 70th Cannes International Film Festival Midnight Screening.

In this year’s Cannes film festival, director Bong Jun-ho’s “Parasite” entered the competition and director Won Tae-woo’s “Wicked” was invited to the midnight screening section. The Cannes International Film Festival closes on the 25th.

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