In the 4th episode of the tvN tree drama ‘memoryst’ broadcasted on the 19th, Dongbaek (Yoo Seung-ho) and Han Seon-mi (Lee Se-young) began to investigate.

On this day, Han Seon-mi discovered that all the victims of the Jangdori Murder Case received a scholarship from the same scholarship foundation. Accordingly, I visited the heresy leader Ki-dan Park, and the camellia who had been infiltrated one step ahead of her was pretending to be baptized. After reading Park Ki-dan’s memory, the camellia was angry and tried to assault him.

At that moment, Han Seon-mi grabbed the camellia’s hand and said, “Gyeonggeomandongma. Withdrawal right now. It’s an order.” Camellia said, “I’m going to kill you.” “It may be.” The camellia shouted, “Yes, I have a devil to put you in hell.”

Subsequently, Han Sun-mi demanded a warrant to search Park Gi-dan’s villa, but was unable to accept it because of the prosecution’s interference. Meanwhile, the camellia went to the prosecutor who tried to prosecute him and asked for a warrant to seize Park Ki-dan, saying, “I will receive both the prosecution and the sentence. There are conditions.” The prosecutor said this was ridiculous, and the camellia said that he had read Park Ki-dan’s memories and that Park Ki-dan committed murder. 

The camellia who persuaded the prosecutor went to Park Ki-dan’s villa with a warrant to seize it. However, Park Ki-dan had already removed all the evidence, and Han Seon-mi, who went into Park Ki-dan’s villa with the prosecutor, said to Park Ki-dan, “You will know what the real trouble is. In a narrow, solitary solitary confinement that you will never escape. “Start from”.

After that, Han Seon-mi visited the camellia and said, “Please share your memories.” You are looking for evidence that you can’t remember, not evidence in memory. In response, Han Seon-mi, camellia, Gwan-tan Ko (chang-seok Ko), and Se-hoon Oh (yunji-on) formed a team and began looking for evidence in the memory of the camellia.

“The evidence of murder is on fire, but not all,” Han Seon-mi said. “I will list all the evidence my brother and sister remember, and find a gap in between.”

After that, Yun Ji-on found evidence of the murder that was not in memory of the camellia, and camellia and Han Seon-mi again came to the scene of the murder, but suddenly came and failed to obtain evidence due to the interference of the former prosecutor of the North. 

However, at the legislative hearing of the ‘Remember Memory Scanning Act’, the camellia revealed all the murderer Park Ki-dan’s crimes. Afterwards, the camellia started living as a chipper, and Han Sun-mi contacted the camellia and said, “Thanks for the warrant.” The camellia revealed, “Can I be recognized as legal evidence. Is this a common sense country?”

Camellia, who continued his life as a chipmaker, headed somewhere along with a wide range of investigators. It was the scene of the murder, and the victim was Ki-dan Park. Han Seon-mi asked the camellia for help that the believers could not remember the moment when Park Ki-dan was killed, and the camellia who read the Shin-do’s memory said, There is no memory in it, Said.

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