MBC tree drama aired on March 25, ‘The Man’s Memory Method’ (played by Kim Yun-joo, Yoon Ji-hyun / Director Oh Hyun-jong, Lee Soo-hyun) In the 5th and 6th episodes, Lee Jung-hoon (Kim Dong-wook) learned about the past history of Ye Ha-jin (Moon Ga-young) Drawn.

Ha-jin Yeo frankly confessed her relationship with Lee Jung-hoon to her brother and manager, Ha Ha-kyung (Kim Seul-ki). Yeo Ha-jin asked Ha Ha-gyeong about Jeong Seo-yeon (Lee Joo-bin) mentioned by Lee Jung-hoon. Ha Ha-kyung was embarrassed. Jeong Seo-yeon was a friend who had been ballet with Yeo Ha-jin since childhood.

Lee Jung-hoon remembered Jeong Seo-yeon again because of the song Seong Si-kyung selected by Hajin on the radio. Jeong Seo-yeon listed memories with Yeo Ha-jin to Lee Jeong-hoon in the past. Since Yeo Ha-jin and Seo-yeon Jeong called each other nicknames Hana and Spirit, Lee Jung-hoon did not think that Hana and Yeo Ha-jin were the same person. However, after speculation, Jeong-hoon Lee found out that Hana and Yeo Ha-jin are the same person.

Lee Jung-hoon visited Yoo Tae-eun (Jun Jong-hun). Lee Jung-hoon said to Yoo Eun-eun, “Did you know that Mr. Ha-jin Yeo is a friend of Seo-yeon Jeong? However, Yeo Ha-jin does not know Jeong Seo-yeon. What is going on? ” Yoo Eun-eun said, “Lee Ha-jin was a long time patient. At first, I didn’t know that Yeo Ha-jin was a friend of Seo-yeon Jeong. I knew I was going to quit, but I couldn’t. I feel like I’m looking at you. ” Yoo Eun-eun said, “Lee Ha-jin suffered just like you. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t sleep, I collapsed, and I woke up again in the hospital. Then the first thing I did with my will was an extreme choice. I woke up again after wandering around, but I forgot Jeong Seo-yeon. He helped Yeo Ha-jin forget Jung Se-yeon and live a normal life. ” Lee Jung-hoon said, “I will gradually bring back things that weren’t there.”

Yeo Ha-jin explained the reason why she started acting. “At first, I began to fill the time I lost. But now I don’t remember other people even if I forget. That was good. ” Ha Ha-jin unconsciously shared her memories with Jeong Seo-yeon, such as “Happy when I had a hot bar in the Han River”.

Yeo Ha-jin and Lee Jung-hoon knew the movie would be ruined, and they put a two-week grace period on a fake relationship. However, Yeo Ha-jin’s drop was unexpected. Yeo Ha-jin wanted to extend the fake dating period with Lee Jeong-hoon for two months. Lee Jung-hoon called Yoo Eun Eun and said, “What happens when Yeo Ha-jin’s memories come back? I can’t get my memory back like this. On the one hand, I envy, and on the other, I don’t. I can’t imagine how it feels. Which is more pitiful? I can’t forget forever. Or Mr. Hajin, who had to be forgotten to live. ” Yoo Eun-eun could not answer quickly.

Yeo Ha-jin said, “I wonder. Sometimes I am sad to make an expression that seems to have gone to a distant place. ” Yeo Ha-jin and Lee Jung-hoon met and talked to each other. Yeo Ha-jin almost missed her feet at the cafe. Lee Jung-hoon got such a woman from behind. Lee Jung-hun said, “When you are with Mr. Ha-jin, you shouldn’t be vigilant.”

Yeo Ha-jin told Lee Jung-hoon, “I don’t think the movie will come down in two weeks. I think we should increase the period. It seems to be longer than 2 months. If the movie breaks up because of the breakup story, I’m sorry for the staff. ” Lee Jung-hoon thought, “Do what you want, Mr. Hajin.” Lee Jung-hoon said to Ha Ha-jin, “You are a good person. I hope you are always happy. “I’m serious.” Yeo Ha-jin said, “You speak like a person you will never see again.” Lee Jung-hoon said, “I hope there will never be any future contact and meeting.”

Yeo Ha-jin was stalked by a mysterious man, and Stalker drew Lee Jung-hoon’s face on the photo.

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