The actress Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin, and Bae Jeong-nam in the 9th edition of the cable TV entertainment program ‘Spain Hangul’, which was broadcasted on the 10th night,

The other day, in the “Spanish boarding house”, we had no guests all day, but only one guest late at night. Even the guest did not eat breakfast and left the road like dawn. So the members of ‘Spanish boarding’ got a leisurely morning without any guest.

Cha Seungwon prepared his staff’s brunch to enjoy the extra room. He came to work 30 minutes earlier than the promised 10:30 am. Then he pried eggs in a flash and made his own sandwiches with ham, bacon and sauce and jam mixed with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Bae Jeong-nam also went to the kitchen as soon as he got to work 10 minutes early and was surprised to see Cha Seung-won, who came out earlier than himself. Yu Hae Jin, who appeared in the work clothes made by Bae Jeong-nam, showed the gratitude and sadness to Cha Seung-won at the same time, saying, “This is why you can not rest.

Cha Seung-won said, “I made it in 20 minutes.” The members of the ‘Spanish boarding’ enjoyed the brunch from outside the table to the picnic atmosphere.

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