There are not a few reactions that are as worrisome as expectations for the two works. The challenge is to overcome throughout the broadcast.

‘Goddess Advent’ (director Kim Sang-hyup/screenplay Lee Si-eun), starting on December 9, shared secrets with Suho (played by Cha Eun-woo) who kept the wounds of her male mother, and Ju-kyung (played by Moon Ga-young) who became a goddess through makeup, although they had an appearance complex. It is a content that depicts the process of growth and growth. The original webtoon with the same name has accumulated more than 4 billion views, and the meow, who wrote the original, is so popular that the writer becomes a hot topic.

However, there are many reactions that worry as much as they are interested. The original webtoon currently being serialized is being pointed out that the story is sluggish and there are many clichés that are obvious as the episode continues. In recent webtoons, the relationship between the main attacks, Jukyung, Suho, and Seojun (played by Hwang In-yeop), has become ambiguous. The key is how to draw this into a drama.

Controversy over the infringement of publicity rights has also been steadily emerging. It was pointed out that some of the characters were created by resembling real celebrities, and they seem to be traced to some online communities without celebrity permission. In response, the meow writer suggested a legal response, but it is still a progression that has argued among netizens. This, too, should be carried by the goddess Advent.

‘The Queen of Iron Man’ (director Yoon Seong-sik/playwriter Park Gye-ok, Choi A-il), which is scheduled to be broadcast on December 12, also has homework to solve. ‘Queen Iron Man’ is a fusion historical drama in which the soul of South Korea’s representative Huh Se-nam, who suffered an injustice, enters the body of Jungjeon Kim So-yong (played by Shin Hye-seon) and meets two-faced King Cheol-jong (played by Kim Jeong-hyun). The Chinese web drama’Piece Biseung Loom’ is the original work.

The problem is that Seon Deung, a writer who wrote the’Petite Biseung Loom’, is receiving a suspicious controversy. In’Hwachin Princess’ written by Seondeung and the original work of’Prince Biseungjiki’, only’Koryo’ is the only virtual country using the real name. Along with this, the protagonist in the novel commits a variety of atrocities to the envoys of Goryeo, referring to Goryeo people as terminology for Koreans such as’Stingray Panz’ and’Soon Pan-z’. There are also claims that it contains content that seems to depreciate Goryeo culture.

For this reason, the online community is showing a sense of rejection toward the’Queen of Iron Man’ because he remakes the work of a controversial author before it airs. In addition, despite advocating a fusion historical drama, some characters, including the protagonists Kim So-yong and Cheol-jong, are expressing concern that they used real characters. After seeing some of the lines released in the script reading video released before the airing, they criticized it for being too caricature.

‘The Goddess Advent’ and’The Iron Man Queen’ are receiving expectations and concerns ahead of the release. After the airing, attention is paid to how both works will be evaluated by viewers. 

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