On the afternoon of the 25th, MBC EveryOne won the No. 1 position in the ‘Show Champion’, and after the confrontation, it ranked first with ‘Wannabe’.

On this day, Chae-ryeong said, “I’m so thankful to the president of JYP.” He said, “(Fan Club) Thank you and love you.”

ITZY’s ‘Wannabe’ by No. 1, who is ranked first, conveys the message that he will show his own color without being bound by other people’s standards. With unstoppable lyrics, she asserts confidently that I am the only subject of my life and presents catharsis to listeners.

On this day, cleaning was also on stage. Her title song ‘Pollen’ is a song that unleashes the emotions received from a small life in a pot. The bright arrangement and clean voice of the cleaning stand out. It contains delicate and diverse expressions such as ‘flower pots’ that contain both sunlight and shade.

Keysoom’s ‘No. 1’ on the stage is a spring season song that expresses various emotions experienced when falling in love with witty lyrics. I tried to not be caught up in the feeling of love that grew up to meet Lee Sang-hyung, but I expressed the process of falling in love with a story that the feelings in my heart grow beyond my control and eventually become the number one in my mind.

YEJI’s ‘Home’ is a pop ballad with a lyrical electric guitar and a gentle piano melody. In the life that always gives strength, I solved the feeling of love or the place where each person wants to rest with the keyword of home.

Decoy’s title song ‘COLOR MAGIC’ contains a story that goes away from each other but finds each other through a medium that connects the members together.

Black Six’s title song ‘Call my name’ is reminiscent of a gorgeous festival. Hook has an impressive trap sound and addictive synth. The magnificent brass sound gives a sense of intensity by showing the beat, the popping scale.

Yvonne and Tara’s ‘Better Day’ is a medium tempo emotional rap that adds a modern rock arrangement to the trap beat. The beautiful melody wrapping stands out.

Alternative rock genre of Abouchu’s title song ‘Who ate my candy?’ Sharp and mysterious vocals and guitar doyoon, bass neon, and drum victor’s three gorgeous but sophisticated performances are added to express their personality strongly.

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