Yeosu Dream Hill Mall opened its reopening, the octopus house and the skewer house that was a compliment, and successfully finished the last business. 

On May 12, the event was held at Yeosu Dream Hill Mall in SBS Performing Arts ‘Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant’. 

The final observation of Yeosu Dream Hill Rock Mall was drawn. Baek Jong-won said, “The sale of new menus is very important to the customer’s response.” For more precise and careful observation, MC decided to put the MCs in a special space with a central hall to investigate the reaction. 

Baek Jong-won looked at the bosses through CCTV and headed for somewhere along the way. It was an octopus house. 
Baek Jong-won said, “It’s a real problem.” We immediately checked the ingredients without having to breathe, and procured scarce materials through the production team. In the surprise command of Baek Jong-won, the octopus house became embarrassed and disappeared. 

As a result, a new menu called “Gotdon Ramen” was born, which captured both taste and visuality. The customers continued to grow in the taste of ramen noodles, which tasted unique with the sauce-secret recipe. The guests were impressed with the “refreshing taste”.  

While the octopus took the direction, Chung In – sun went out to help the dumplings. The president was embarrassed by the crowded guest, and Chung In-sun was calmly responded by the side. Thanks to it, the dumplings were able to confirm their order again and stabilize. 

The massive orders of the guests who did not know the boss’ s mind continued, and the boss said “I came to the mengbang.” 
It was the first time for me to change my clothes in a row. Another trial came. 
I slowly stabilized my mind in a messy business. 

Baek Jong-won visited the Burger House. Because the hamburger bread was a problem. Baek Jong-won asked me to get a water sprayer. 
It was then compared with baking in the conventional manner and pouring water to bake bread. It was the reason that the bread evaporated in the freezer storage. Baek Jong-won conveyed the solution again by conveying the difference of texture. 

So the last house left after all the houses was a skewer house. During that time, even after the filming, Mr. Baek Jong-won was given the last chance because he was the president who actively informed the news every day. The president who wanted to try the characteristic ribs, finally came the chance. It was only 20 days. The first time I tasted the first time after the first tasting, I showed it as a homemade sauce. 

In the meantime, Baek Jong-won tasted this. Baek Jong-won, “the sauce tasted much better,” he said, went to the restaurant. I reviewed the recipes of the president on the spot and explained them from the basics of the source to the baking method. After seeing the taste of the different skewers that Paek Jong-won’s magic was made, the president smiled, saying, “It’s delicious.” 

So a week later I came to surprise. MCs went to SOS, and Jung In-seon checked the dumplings. The dumplings were as tough as expected. I visited the farmhouse next to her, and left her husband in a pamphlet. 

Jung In-sun received all his troubles in all stores. A few days later, with Baek Jong-won, another urgent inspection was done. Baek Jong-won points out troubles from the dumplings, and the taste of mustard kimchi was a problem. The taste of Kimchi was different according to taste. Baek Jong-won once said, “It is said that ‘Kimchi is going to be in the army.’ I tipped off using a food dehydrator to get as much juice as possible. 

Dream Tall Mall system was also a problem. There is no room for the guests to sit down. There was no person to mediate it, and it was difficult to circulate the table. Kim Sung-joo, who was monitoring it, pointed out that “there is no one to control the hall.” In addition, the bosses were awesome when serving. It was a difficult situation to receive according to the table number.

The bosses who gathered again in one place were the observer Kim Sung – joo. As a result of observing the Hall, Kim pointed out the problem of serving method that is not defined by the president and the situation where the guests are twisted. Another problem is that there is no guidance on how to respond to guests. There was no one to ask, and there was no information desk to visit the baby chair, so it was inefficient.  

However, at the end of the broadcast, the system problem that was not solved in the first business was solved. The introduction of the electric bell immediately solved the problem of servicing neatly. This led to the reopening of the Yeosu Dreaming Hill Mall, where everyone from the skewer house to the octopus in question had a great success. 

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