In KBS 2TV ‘Dog Is Great’, aired on the 23rd, Lee Kyung-gyu was thrilled by the English bulldog Kun. 

On this day, Kang Hyung-wook said, “Are we not meeting a lot of aggressive friends? This time, they are called bulldogs.” In response, Kyung-Gyu Lee showed confidence in “I am not an English bulldog specialist.” 

When Kang Hyung-wook said, “The English bulldogs are mostly mild and slow. Learning is slow. It’s not a skill, but it takes a lot of time.” Kang Hyung-wook said that it would take at least a year for results to be achieved. Lee Su-ji said, “So, have we been sitting here for a year?” 

Then I watched the English bulldog Kuni’s house. The guardian said, “As time goes by, the aggression gets worse. There have been bites and accidents.” Kun-yi was angry when he discovered a strange crew, and Lee Kyung-kyu said, “I’m the first to see an angry dog.” Kun-yi wants to be dragged by a guardian, but then comes back and barks at the crew. When the guardian blocked his feet, Kun-yi bit his feet. 

The guardian said, “It’s been 3 or 4 years since there weren’t any guests in the house. Everyone in my family is scared except me and my father.” When Kuni took the sofa, the guardian’s mother dragged the kitchen chair and sat down. When Kuni went to the room, her mother could only sit on the sofa. But when Kun-i pulls the blanket out again, her mother moves away, and Kun-i takes the sofa. The mother of the guardian said, “I went to the emergency room because of a head injury because of Kun.” She slipped in the bathroom and got hurt from avoiding Kunyi. 

Kun-I was excited when the courier arrived and opened the box. Khun-yi swallowed the whole sock, and there were times when it was almost a big day. As a result of the examination at the hospital, there was something inside Kun-yi’s stomach. The identity of the foreign body was a chicken toy. Watching this, Lee Kyung-gyu, a general of the dog, empathized with the thought of Doochi and showed confidence that “I feel like I can dominate.” 

However, when faced with Kun-yi, Lee Kyung-gyu was embarrassed by Kun-i’s momentum and said that he would give up soon after entering. Kang Hyung-wook asked to sit on the sofa once, but when Kun-yi barked, Lee Kyung-kyu immediately got up and left. Lee Yoo-bi, Lee Su-ji, couldn’t stand laughter, so she laughed. 

After that, Kang Hyung-wook went to meet Kun-i. While Kang Hyung-wook was observing Kun-i, Kun-i suddenly attacked Kang-hyeong. Kang Hyung-wook said, “Maybe this child has been intimidated since childhood. There are people who pretend to be good to dogs. It is incompetent to pretend to be good to dogs.” 

Kang Hyung-wook first told Kun-i that he needed a diet. He also said that you shouldn’t call your name, and you shouldn’t be on the sofa. Kun-yi immediately ran to Kang Hyung-wook when he was given a line to the guardian, and Lee Kyung-kyu said, “I met a powerful kid.” 

Meanwhile, Kun-yi’s muzzle and string were released, and Kun-yi started to run out. Kun-yi continued to aim for Kang Hyung-wook’s instep. Kang Hyung-wook was scratching his arm with Kunai’s toenail and bleeding while drying it. Kang Hyung-wook said, “It’s okay.” Five hours have passed since I started training. Guardians as well as Lee Kyung-gyu were exhausted. At that time, Kun-yi finally fell. Kang Hyung-wook trained by saying, “It’s not about ‘falling down’, but about teaching to accept the situation.” 

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