‘Happy ending’ premiere → June The comeback

group TinTop finally finished the fan meeting with the fan club ‘Angel’. 

On the 11th, TinTop made special memories with Fan Club Angel, who held fan meeting “ONLY FOR ANGEL” (Fan Only) for 7 days.

In this fan meeting ‘ONLY FOR ANGEL’, which was held as a gift prepared only for the fan club angel, the members of the tin touched the ribbon directly and appeared on the stage and cheered fans as a gift for fans. TinTop, who started fan meeting with a huge cheering of fans, warmed up the stage with enthusiastic performances such as “You and me,” “Girl friend” and “Blind spot”. 

In addition, TinTop communicated with fans by digging various missions that fans want, such as charm and part replacement, through ‘Special Mission Box’ written by fans before the start of the fan meeting. Interviews, word confusion quizzes, and silhouette talks, and made the scene into a laughing sea.

TinTop was surprised to announce the comeback to fans in the fan meeting on the day, and focused on fans’ attention by releasing the new song ‘Happy ending’ Happy ending, a new album by TinTop, released in June, is the original song of the member creation. The sweet song that can be seen glimpses the members ‘singing power amplified the fans’ expectation for the new album which came back as a perfect album in a long time. 

TinTop recently is a member of the musical ‘King Arthur’ is also loved as a musical actor, and he is active as a music program ‘SHOW UP’ MC etern. In addition, Ricky has been performing Japanese musical “What a love story that you have to suffer anyway” in March of this year, and Cap and Creation have been doing steady personal activities by solo album and music work. 

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