On the 19th broadcast on the afternoon of the 19th, SBS ‘Tasteful Square’ was depicted after Nong-vengers (Baek Jong-won, Yang Se-hyung, Kim Hee-cheol, Kim Dong-jun) and Song Ga-in took off their feet for farmers in Jindo.

Due to the plunge in the price of the largest production site in Korea, the winter onion in Jindo was being discarded in the mountainous regions. Baek Jong-won and Yang Se-hyeong visited Jindo’s onion field, and Baek Jong-won said, “It is a place that was decided not to ship in order to stabilize the onion price.” Changing the field is the worst situation.

Yang Se-hyung said, “I just want to pick it out and eat it at home.” At this time, as a tractor passed over the green onion field, the soil and green onion were mixed up. Baek Jong-won said, “There are not one or two of these agricultural products. There are many things that need to be changed according to the market price.” Yang Se-hyeong said, “I don’t know if tears make me cry, or my heart hurts, so I do n’t know.”

Onion prices are falling and production and shipping costs are increasing year by year. The two people learned about the situation of the farmhouse through a prior survey. Onion farmers confessed, “Because I can’t harvest other crops because I can’t harvest them, and if I change them, the next crop won’t work.” Baek Jong-won and Yang Se-hyung promised to do their best to promote the leek.

Baek Jong-won discovered ‘Jindo’s daughter’ and Songga-in, the first generation before meeting the members of Nong-Vengers. 

When the production team asked, “Do you know who you are?” Baek Jong-won said, “Are you not a fool of people? I know Songgain no matter how I watch TV.” Song Ga-in said, “I’m a fan.” Baek Jong-won replied, “I am a fan. I am honored.”

Baek Jong-won smiled, saying, “Jindo is coming because of Song Ga-in, and then she is going to go to Song Ga-in’s house.

Hee-cheol Kim and Dong-jun Kim cheered, saying, “Wow, it’s Song Ga-in. I think I’m watching a celebrity.” They said Jeon Baek Jong-won was jealous of “I can’t see you”.

Kim Dong-jun stepped into the car to check the visuals, and Kim Hee-cheol said, “Don-jun doesn’t look at his face even when Naeun comes out and sees Song-in coming.” Hee-cheol Kim added, “The atmosphere is so good even though only Mr. Cain is here.”

“How many people came to the solo concert this time?” When asked at Kyung Hee University, over 4,000 people came. Yang Se-hyeong explained, “I did a few broadcasts with Mr. Cain, but I know about the information. There are fan clubs in Jungkook and regional leaders in each region. There is an advisory counsel at the fan clubs.” Song Ga-in said, “If anything happens, you can request it.”

Song Ga-in said, “My parents are in Jindo because my schedule is busy, and my dad is making onions, rice farming, and rice farming. My parents are all good at food. When I go on a holiday, I smoke a charcoal fire in the yard and do a pig casting. The food they gave me is more delicious. ” Baek Jong-won boasted, “If a man cooks at home, the kids are different. Did you see our kids?”

Baek Jong-won offered to go to Song-in’s house in Jindo, and Song-in was happy to accept. 

The sign says ‘Songgain Village’, and the navigation says ‘Songain Village’. Yang Se-hyung laughed, saying, “Here are the observances of Songgain’s birthplace. There are some funny phrases that don’t ask parents to give food, and they don’t ask parents to eat.”

Song Ga-in’s parents prepared the lunch carefully with the news that her daughter was coming, and her mom showed a typical Chungcheong-do recipe, saying, “Dr. Cook wasn’t able to cook because I was shaking. Baek Jong-won said, “If I’m burdened, I’ll go out and eat rice.

On top of the table, green onion, green onion, green onion, and red bean porridge were served, and Baek Jong-won asked how to cook. Hee-cheol Kim pointed out, “I think the habit of ‘the alley restaurant’ is coming out.”

Song Ga-in said, “My daughter passed by New Year’s Day and saw it once. Even if I wanted to call, I couldn’t know what I was doing, and I couldn’t sleep in the car on the go.”

Hee-cheol Kim presented himself to Song Ga-in’s mother and said, “Mother, people say that they eat me without food.” I have to chew it, but the rice is half outside and half inside, and I have to swallow it while chewing. ”

Baek Jong-won asked, “It’s not enough for the onion that I secured during the last filming, and since my father sold the onion well, I need a little bit of onion.”

Nongvengers moved to the garden above the village to get the research leek. During the harvest of green onions, Hee-cheol Kim sang Song Ga-in’s ‘Mom Arirang’, and Baek Jong-won laughed loudly, saying, “Will you give me a drink?” Song Ga-in’s mother added, “Please study the Jindo leek and let it go well.”

Song Ga-in and Nong-vengers headed to Jindo’s quarters, and Kim Dong-joon admired, “My mother was really good at singing.” Hee-cheol Kim said, “Now, I and Cain can do a good job with my mother.”

Baek Jong-won started researching specialties with green onions and made a new concept onion pie. Dong-jun Kim boasted a sense of naming ‘pastry’, and Song Ga-in, who showed off ASMR, said, “Wow ~ this is okay.

Yang Se-hyung said, “How do you think this is only flour, green onion, and salt?” Came out.

Hee-cheol Kim asked, “How many stars do you think you can give?” And Song Ga-in laughed, saying “5 stars.”

Yang Se-hyung made garlic bread, followed by green onion (paguette), and Song Ga-in laughed, saying, “It seems that the little kids are playing with children.”

Baek Jong-won, who ate a baguette, praised, “I’m so sick of it. I don’t want to admit it.” Kim Dong-jun also sympathized, saying, “Mr. Yang has torn green onions.”

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