Hong Hyun-hee and Ji-bitu couple left for the order, and Songgain was attracted to the appearance of gold in jindo. 

A variety of epilogues were portrayed in TV’s ‘taste of wife’ broadcasted on the 25th. 

First, Hong Hyun-hee and Ji-bitu couple were drawn out of order. The two men were surprised to say that the ship was broken at 2 pm. I can not go today. I was embarrassed that I could get out to the boat tomorrow morning. 

In the end, I succeeded in staying at a regular family house. The two people thanked the owner of the house for allowing one night. I felt a sense of the countryside, and the darkness of the order also spread. I found potatoes and sweet potatoes in the room, and when the landlord tried to treat them, “How do you eat?”

The landlord told me to boil the cold, and two people turned into workers and helped cook. I was touched by the rich style of the home style, and my body and heart became warm. 

At this time, the owner informed the husband about the situation early. “I want to see you,” said Hong Hong-hee, “I thought about my father who was gone before.” “I suddenly wanted to see him suddenly. 

That night, I went on a moonlit night. Late night, I headed for the tidal flat in response to the waterfall. At first, Hong Hyun-hee said, “I’m scared,” and I was nervous because Jason took care of me from the side. 

The next morning, the landlord woke up early and started an unusual labor. It was washing the dolphin caught yesterday. Hong Hyun-hee participated in cleaning the house, and the landlord said, “It is possible to catch a lily.” After that, he started making food from morning and laughed. The landlord said, “Stop eating, do not go home.” 

Songgain received a plaque of appreciation honoring his hometown. It was more meaningful because it was an award to the lurker. “I am so grateful, daughter of Jindo who tells the truth, I will be a big singer who can be proud, and I will give you a good reward,” said a grateful songgain. 

Songgain said he became a public relations ambassador as well as a plaque. A few days ago, I was amazed that I was even a PR ambassador for the agricultural fair. 

At this time, the shogun arrived at his parents’ house, and his mother gave him a mouthful of salty taste. My father, Songgain, said, “I gave it to my pretty daughter, but I will dye it.” Songgain was glad that his father was a lover.  

“My daughter gives me dye because of my daughter, my daughter is concerted and I am very excited”. My soul father saw me dyeing himself and I was satisfied “Who is going to be scared?” 

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