Kyuhyun is, “said the ‘Radio Star’ close to six years, so thankfully, and the program was able to tell my name to many people, I started to be entertained. But I passed by a few years, some point within the anti-sudden awful I thought it would be easy to understand because I am an artistic person, but it has been piled up without knowing it, “he said.

“At one point I was so sick of the antics of many ants, and I was so sick of being alone at home, crying at home, getting stressed, and getting stressed. I had to do that a lot, “he added.

I also thanked the crew and MC for their gratitude and sorryness. Kyu-hyun said, “This time, the producers gave me a suggestion that I could not enjoy the stress too much because of this, and it made me understand. Fortunately, many people raised me and said that they betrayed me. I think it is a thankful program that has made a lot of progress. ”

followed by “I’d go now gotta give MC a call at any time but did not mean to attack the guest brother, told him the crew to the people. I wish I’d receive too much stress should not look good.. Now I do not get stressed I thought I wanted to do something that I could enjoy. ”

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