‘Ladies and gentlemen!’ Choi, Si-won (Super Junior Seo Won, SM Entertainment) is presenting the previous-generation chemistry.

Choi Si-won, who plays the role of veteran cheerleader “Yang Jeong-guk” in KBS 2TV monthly drama ‘The Folks!’ (Playwright Jung-hoon, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Min-tae, Produce Monster Union, Won Contents) boasts of breathing Is getting a good response. So I looked at the ‘Chemi BEST4’ of Choi Si-won, who captured the eyes and ears of viewers.


SweetbloodRomanceKimy Yangjungguk and Kim Mi-young (Yu-young) hid their professions and show theirsweet bloodylove with a unique combination of marriage with a fiery love, a scammer and a police, and a mature adult who wants to understand and respect each other It shows the romance and it is watering the house theater with colorful charm.

# Tom and Jerry

Kim, who were running for a parliamentary election due to the threat of Kim Min-jung (Kim Min-jung), seemed to be a colleague of a racist, It attracts those who see his breathtaking tension.


Every time I meet Charles (Yang Dong-geun), Hwang Seung-yi (Lee Joo-mi) who joined thecomic chemistryscam and Lee Kyung-hyun (Kim Ki-nam) who joined the campaign, Koreans! ‘I complete my own special comic.

# Teacher and disciple Chemie

Yang Jung-guk accepts the advice on “real politics” and does not give in to the “Tsundere Gukbu” of Kim Joo-myung (Kim Seong-sung) .

This is the work that Choi Si Won is giving the best synergy. It is a story about a story that happens when a con artist married to a police officer gets caught up in an incident that he does not want to run to a lawmaker. It is broadcasted on KBS 2TV every Monday and Tuesday night.

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