All three disciples failed to control the fire and burned a side dish of peanuts.

In the 88th episode of tvN ‘Sumine Side Dishes’ broadcasted on the 12th, Kim Soo-mi’s third disciple actor Lee Tae-gon, broadcaster Kwang-hee and singer Golden Child Bomin appeared to learn nutritious house meals.

Kim Soo-mi said on the day, “It’s good to eat at least once in winter,” he introduced Seupuk, a local food on the east coast of Gangwon-do.

First, before starting cooking, Kim Soo-mi began to wash clean with a toothbrush, and Chef Song Hoon said, “It’s good to smell it first.

Kim Soo-mi also began to make Kangwon-do, which is made by thickening leek with flour.

At this time, Bo-min held the lid with a dishcloth and opened it, and Kim Su-mi, who saw it, shouted, “It’s a fire.” Kim Soo-mi said, “Don’t panic,” but Bo-min said, “Heart beating so fast.”

Jang Dong-min said, “when you want to open a hot dish, you should soak it in water.”

Kim Sumi, who tasted Gwanghui’s soup to inspect the finished subdivision, praised him. At this time, Song Hoon drew attention to Kim Soo-mi, saying, “I didn’t remove my family,” “I’m a bit fresh because I didn’t put it in the teacher’s ratio.”

As a second side dish, Kim Sumi began to make peanuts and non- visions.

Kim Soo-mi said, “The inner skin is good for cardiovascular disease,” and Jang Dong-min said, “I’ve eaten everything for a while.”

Songhun, “But it’s not good to eat too much. If you eat a lot of diarrhea that is the reason for that,” he said.

Once the peanuts were boiled for boiling, they began roasting the drained peanuts in olive oil over medium heat. Jang Dong-min, who tasted peanuts after adding starch syrup, was surprised to say, “Good.”

In addition, Gwang-hee misfired peanuts and misleaded peanuts, and Chef Song Hoon “failed because he didn’t put it in boiling water.” At this time, Kim Sumi revived cardiopulmonary resuscitation when she added starch syrup, but gave a laugh as she gave up saying, “More dead.”

All three disciples failed to control the intensity of the fire and failed to stew peanuts.

After that, he started making non-visibles. Unlike the past, which was made with tofu made from bean curds, these days, they drew fresh beans and made them busy.

Kwang-hee forgot Kim’s words to add pork and wondered, “Why is my dough?”

Kim Soo-mi, who saw Bomin’s completed exhibition, drew attention as saying, “Why did you send the temple so beautifully?

The secret of the whole bean was made with nutritious soybean curd, which caught the appetite of the disciples by its unique sue.

In addition, fatigue and steamed sweet pumpkin steamed seafood containing various seafood to help improve energy.

The disciples were all amazed at the rich seafood ingredients, and Lee Tae-gon said, “I feel good when I look at the seafood.”

Kim Sumi first trimmed all the ingredients and removed the seeds of sweet pumpkin. When cutting the sweet pumpkin, Lee Tae-gon showed a bad cut, and Chef Song Hoon said, “You have to be very careful when cutting the sweet pumpkin.

Kim Sumi said, “There is a sequence to put in steamed seafood. Bean sprouts, crab, sub, mid-deok, vegetables and garlic should be added in several places. Shrimp should be added 5 minutes before completion.”

At this time, Bo Min looked at Midduck and asked, “What is it. Acorn?”

Lastly, just before completion, Soo-mi Kim said, “I have something to put in the last.” In the meantime, Bo-min was afraid of seafood, and Kim Soo-mi said, “Fastly put in.”

Eventually, Bo-min grabbed a wild octopus with his hands and put it in a seafood soup at the cheering of Kim Soo-mi and his motives.

Kim Soo-mi, who had tasted Gwanghee’s sweet pumpkin steamed seafood, was surprised to say, “The soup is amazing.”

Kim Sumi finally prepared frozen kimchi rice cake covered with frozen pork belly and old leek kimchi.

Kim Soo-mi said, “When you are bothered to make and eat. Do not make people who are motivated.”

Chopped vegetables and minced in a frozen pork belly frying pan and began to stir, at this time Jang Dong-min said, “It was made with green kimchi, but the kimchi is not yet in.” Kim Soo-mi said, “I will fry green kimchi separately.”

After roasting the pork, they began to dig the green onions on the pan.

The three disciples all caught the eye by perfectly recreating the taste of Kim Sumi.

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