singer Sully unveiled the spark that makes her stage name was born.

On the night of JTBC2 ‘Night of Eve’ broadcasted on the 28th, ‘Miss Trott’ Songgain, Hongja and Park Sun-young appeared as guests.

Sulli, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, shared a story about Hongja’s first name on the day, saying, “The reporter who gave coverage before the debut actor gave me the name ‘Sully'”.

The journalist said that he was “sully” because he was concerned that people in other religions might not like it because his name is too Christian. I made a flower for my eyes.

After that, the reporter wrote ‘Sully’ in his article, and Sully said, “I am so grateful, but suddenly people call me Sully, so I did not get used to it.”

Sally said, “My real name is Choi Jin-ryu, the name I got from the Bible, but the reporter who was covering me just before my debut as a child actor called me” Sully “because he has a strong religious feeling and would like to write another name. I did it. ”

Sully said, “At the time, I could not refuse my presence, so I said,” Yes, “but the next day, the article came out under the name of” Sully. “I was so thankful now, but suddenly people called me Sully, I recall.

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