Earlier, Lee Jung-in gave a farewell to Kwon Ki-seok (Kim Joon-Han), who was left alone with a loveless love. However, unlike his own will, Kwon did not hide his complicated mind in Kwon Ki-seok’s attitude, which does not accept easy separation.Ji-ho did not hide more and more attracted to Lee Jeong-in. When I was with Kwon Ki-seok, I received a phone call from Lee Jung-in. Suddenly, she told me that she was with Kwon Ki-suk and said “Do not hang up” to her. Lee Jung-in said, “It’s a story to be told later.”

But Jee – ho went straight from Kwon ‘s car to Ji – in. “I like it a lot,” said Ji-ho, “I like it a lot, and I do not have the courage to get hold of it. I confessed. Lee Jung-in also said, “In fact, I still do not know what kind of love and dreaming marriage I draw. I honestly do not have any dreams about what to do with Jiho right now.

Lee Jung-in had a realistic conversation with Ji-ho and said, “After that time, if you have the same mind now, please come to me.” Lee Jung-in said, “Do not meet other people until then, you can blame me for it, please do not meet other people, instead, I will not hurt anyone when I go to Jiho. Please be sure to come. ” Lee Ji-ho hugged Lee Jung-in with a sincere gratitude, saying, “Let’s just come back slowly.

On the other hand, Kwon Ki-suk raised tension to his friend Choi Hyun-soo (Lim Hyun-soo), suspicious that he liked my girlfriend. Lee Ji-hyeon said, “I think you are right, I like each other with reason.” I also confessed to my mother Ko Soo-hee (Kim Jung-young), “There are people in my heart.”

Lee Jung-in tried to declare his farewell to Kwon Ki-suk once more, but Kwon Ki-seok said, “I never imagined that we would break up. How do we break up? If I said I tried, I should at least think about it. I will accept it at that time. ”

On the other hand, Lee Jung – in and Jiho have become affectionate towards each other. Lee Jung-in said, “Let’s try together well,” and Yoo Jee-ho said, “I am delighted that Jung-in and I are ‘we’.”

Afterwards, Lee met with Kwon Young-guk (Kim Chang-wan), the father of Kwon Ki-seok alone. In the meantime, Kwon Young-gook has disregarded her existence by showing a contempt for Lee Jung-In and Kwon Ki-suk’s marriage. I met with Kwon Young-kook and said, “I have been in formal contact with Mr. Kee-seok for four years, and I know that he did not acknowledge me, I was unhappy with my self-esteem, “I am thankful that you have offered a good place for my father, and I have learned to be sure that you have to be sure, not to mention thanking me for making such a choice, regardless of my relationship with my brother.” .

Kwon Young-guk, who has a hard-faced expression, said, “The chair seems to be thinking of marriage.” Lee declared, “I do not want to marry.


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