The MBC drama “Spring Night” (a play by Kim Eun, director Ahn Chang-seok), which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 12th, showed Lee Ji-ho (Jung Hae In) and Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) who reveal their sincerity to each other.

Ji-ho called Lee Jung-in after Lee Kwon-in’s boyfriend Kwon, Ki-suk (Kim Joon-Han). Lee Jung-in, who noticed this, tried to stop the phone. But he said firmly, “Do not hang up.”

The two met afterwards, sitting on the bench. “I did it for me,” Jiho said. Lee Jung-in replied, “I did not want to change it at all, so, if you want to be so proud, I’ll ask you to accept it.”

“I can not do it because I can not do anything because I’m a nerd because I can not do anything, I told you to help me.” But, Lee Jung-in said, “Why do I have to give it to you? I do not know what to do if my heart is broken or unfolded. It is hard to catch my heart fluttering even when I try. I will live from me, “he said with a fist.

After a long time, Jiho asked me to come to myself if I had the same mind as now. Lee Jung-in said, “When I go to Ji Ho, I will make sure that no one will hurt Ji Ho. Lee Ji-ho hugged Lee and said, “I can come slowly, I’ll just come. I will wait forever.”

Lee Jung-in once again gave Kwon Ki-seok the heart of farewell. However, Kwon said, “I never imagined that we would part.” Lee Jung-in said, “So you wanted to break up?” Lee Jae-in told me to quit, and Kwon-seok Kwon did not accept it as saying, “I can not agree.

On the other hand, Lee Seung-in’s sister, Lee Seo-in (Im Seong-in), expressed her heart to her mother, Shin Hyung-sun. Lee said carefully, “I’m going to get a divorce, I’m separated now, do not accept my divorce.” The new line seemed a little surprised, but soon sighed, saying, “I have lived together until now.”

At this time, Lee Seo-in’s husband, Nam Se-hoon The south sees the door bell ringing and knocking on the door with his fist. Lee Seon – in opened the door hastily, and Nam Sihoon was surprised to see the new line. The new line is separated, but calmly alerted what action it is to ruthlessly knock on the door and threaten.

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