On the 10th, TVN entertainment program ‘Spain Hangs’, Cha Seung-won, Ha Hae Jin and Bae Jeong-nam were drawn for the previous-grade guests.

Ten pilgrims came to the house in Spain. Cha Seung-won, Yu Hae-jin, and Bae Jeong-nam, who were the first to receive a large number of people, prepared the bulgogi for dinner.

In addition, Cha Seung-won also served pork roast beef with soy sauce for foreign pilgrims who could not eat seafood.

The pilgrims were pilgrims from Italy and other countries, as well as Korean pilgrims. Warm rice, Kimchi, and spicy Bulgogi were brought to the table, and Korean pilgrims were glad for the Korean food that they had tasted for a long time.

Foreign pilgrims also raised their thumbs at Korean food for the first time. “It’s interesting. My son is a cook. I would have liked to come with you, “he said.

In addition, Cha Seung-won served with kochujang rice cake and soy sauce rice cake after meals.

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