Actor Son Hyun-joo showed his affection for his juniors, and showed a sample of a’good senior’.

Son Hyun-joo appeared on SBS Power FM’Park Ha-sun’s Cinetown’ that aired on the morning of the 9th. On this day, he expressed affectionate remarks to the main members of’familiarity’, a private group of celebrities, and revealed’love for juniors’ by revealing that he is carrying pictures of junior theater actors and introducing them to directors.

On this day, DJ Park Ha-sun introduced Son Hyun-joo as “Korea’s Liam Neeson.” Sohn Hyun-ju laughed, saying, “I heard this, Liam Neeson in Korea? You are being sued by Liam Neeson hyung, don’t do that.” However, he emphasized the loyalty of BoA by saying, “Is that so, let’s leave it?” to Park Ha-seon’s words, “It’s a modifier from BoA.”

At the same time, Son Hyun-ju added, “(I) the beggar of the pictures I move around these days is perfect, and I want to remain a comfortable person.”

Son Hyun-joo revealed about the recent status of active social media activities. The first person to create an SNS account for him was actor Lee Jun-ki. Sohn Hyun-joo said, “Lee Junki created an account during’Criminal Mind’.

Son Hyun-joo and some celebrities have teamed up to create a private meeting,’familiarity’, a famous gathering that is also known to fans. Son Hyun-joo said about the recent status of the unfamiliar members, “Since SHINee Minho was discharged, several people gathered and ate lunch.”

“The busiest people here are Ma Dong-seok and Jang-hyuk.” Laughter.

He added, “BoA manages the dues, (Yoo Haejin and Go Changsuk) eat as much as they paid the dues,” he added. “I meet facelessness often, and I can’t meet because it’s a coronavirus right now.”

Son Hyun-joo said he carries photos of actors who are active in the theater. In the past, he brought pictures of Lee Je-hoon and Kwak Do-won and introduced them to the directors. He said, “Now it’s time for these people (Je-hoon Lee, Do-won Kwak) to take care of me,” he said. “I carried a lot of pictures of actors and actresses, and I recommended a few minutes from’Model Detective’.”

He explained, “If you recommend that way, the actors are good to be used, and the general viewers are good to see new characters, and the director is good to meet actors who are good at acting, and it is good, consistently recommending them.”

Park Ha-sun expressed gratitude, saying that Son Hyun-ju actually recommended himself a lot. Sohn Hyun-ju said, “(The officials) cannot see the pearl,” and said, “There will be a day when the pearl will shine, please wait.”

Son Hyun-joo is also known for his close relationship with Cho Jin-woong. He responded to Park Ha-sun’s question that “Jin-woong Jo had been calling while crying”, “(Jin-woong Cho) is good at acting, has changed like this, has a lot of talent and talent, but the movie has never been done, so I mourned over the phone and cried. “I replied.

He said, “Because my heart hurts, I also appeared as a cameo (in that movie),” he said. “I’ll keep doing movies and there are times, so I told you to take care of your heart well.”

Sohn Hyun-joo, who showed various appearances through various works, said that he would like to challenge Melo in the future. He said, “If you are old, I want to do it with Go Doo-shim,” he said. “I want to love an older woman. I don’t have that feeling at first but I want to love an older woman who can feel desperate love later. I hope to become this senior Ko Doo-shim.”

“If you are listening to writers and directors, please let us love you,” he said. “There hasn’t been such an association drama so far, and if you do such a drama, I think many people will watch it.”

Sohn Hyun-joo was surprised to say that he did not deliberately film’Bed Scene’ for his children. He said, “I talked about that when the kids were big, I won’t play bed scenes until you’re all grown up,” he said. “I kept that promise, and I still keep it.”

He laughed, adding, “Now I want to take a melodrama with Go Doo-shim.”

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